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  • Alkehela
    Alkehela The world is what you choose it to be....

    Join me on Tuesday 7pm for a Guided Healing Meditation
    A time to manifest healing and love for our planet and all living things....  more
    • Dec 9
  • Alkehela
    Alkehela Clean air, how I miss you so.
    I will never take you for granted again.
    In 2000, when I went on a journey in search of truth and healing the medicine people spoke of this and what was coming.
    Some thought I was just mad and judged me when I did share....  more
    • Dec 6
  • Alkehela
    Alkehela Everything has a cause and affect.

    Everything that comes out of our mouth creates a cause and an affect.
    We focus on what goes in our mouth yet we don’t even notice or think about what comes out....  more
    • Dec 4
  • Alkehela
    Alkehela Final Reiki 1 workshop and shamanic teachings for 2019.
    The perfect gift to self or a loved one.
    Heal the past in time for 2020
    Book now and take advantage of the early bird price....  more
    • Dec 2
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  • Dr Fleur Castlereagh
    Dr Fleur Castlereagh wrote a new blog entry:
    Tips to Relieve Suffering from Back Pain
    • Oct 14
  • Deborah Fairfull
    Deborah Fairfull Hey everyone, I'd love your help with a survey I/m doing about wellbeing. If you have 5 minutes to spare, complete the survey by clicking the link below. As a thankyou, I am giving away a guided "Peace Within" mediation. Begin here: ...  more
    • Jul 13
  • lucie kasna
    lucie kasna wrote a new blog entry:
    How to Maintain Optimum Health by Understanding the Gut - Brain
    • Jun 8
  • Beatrix Schmidt
    Beatrix Schmidt wrote a new blog entry:
    Can Using Fitbit Affect Your Sleep Negatively?
    • May 23
  • Beatrix Schmidt
    Beatrix Schmidt wrote a new blog entry:
    Losing Sleep Over Your Bedtime Routine Doesn’t Work
    • May 2
  • Amaya Pryce
    Amaya Pryce wrote a new blog entry:
    Learning to Make Yoga Part of a Routine
    • May 2
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    • Amaya Pryce
      lucie kasna I've just started the journey of "yoga more often" and also meditation. It's been a life changer in terms of my focus and clarity. And emotional wellbeing.
      • Jun 12