Explore, Discover and Record Your Wellbeing

Access wellbeing tools on your Blisspot personal playground. You will discover support to work through your challenges or you may want to take your wellbeing to the level to feel more healthy and vital. Set goals, express gratitude, create an inspiring vision, list your dreams, get your questions answered and track your progress.

  • Personal Wellbeing Index

    A scientific cross-cultural measurement of wellbeing, asking eight important life questions to monitor and track where you are at. Based on your results, receive personal recommendations for what education and support will help you get to the next level.

  • Challenges and Goals

    Identify challenges they will be transformed into goals and you’ll be given support to achieve them.

  • Gratitude Journal

    Your very own journal to express your appreciation and focus your mind on the things that are important.

  • Vision Board

    Create in pictures and words a vision for your future.

  • Bucket List

    List the things that you’ve always wanted to do or can see yourself doing.