Our Story

Deborah Tyson, has owned startups since she was 24 and is familiar with the unique challenges of running a business. On her journey she discovered wellbeing education made all the difference to herself and team in facilitating personal mastery and ongoing success.

As a result she founded Blisspot by bringing together community, education and technology. Deborah is now joined by over 80+ international wellbeing experts on Blisspot who share online courses, podcasts, meditations and one-on-on sessions to support individuals and businesses to thrive.

Blisspot Story

Blisspot has helped me to take a breath and think more allowing me to respond in adverse situations, rather than reacting at work. This has been such a valuable life skill!

~ Terri Katz

Our Mission

Blisspot is on a mission to empower wellbeing for life. Our vision is a world of wellbeing - available and affordable to all. We do this by curating the world's best wellbeing for personalised health and wellness.

The Benefits of Blisspot

  • • Enhance performance
  • • Optimize health and vitality
  • • Transcend stress and burnout
  • • Increase resilience and confidence
  • • Advance communication and collaboration
  • • Boost happiness and motivation
  • • Deepen supportive relationships
  • • Elevate innovation and creativity
  • • Improve focus and decision-making
  • • Develop a new sense of empowerment

Our Partners

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  • F4S
  • Work180
  • Digivizer
  • Business In Heels
  • Pointer

From Surviving to Thriving

True wellbeing is when we take control over our mental and emotional state regardless of external instability. It is possible to learn how to develop resilience and inner peace. From this place of stability we can make our best decisions to take ourselves forward, as an individual or a business.

  • Support and Transformation

    Support & Growth

  • Calm and Resilience

    Calm & Resilience

  • Growth and Mastery

    Growth & Mastery

The Blisspot Advantage

Blisspot supports each person, team, and business with their unique wellbeing challenges and goals.

Whether it's struggling with confidence and communication, experiencing relationship issues, feeling stressed out, lacking purpose, wanting to improve physical fitness, or having trouble sleeping soundly at night. Our team of experts covers all bases and tailors the wellbeing solution to each person's needs.

We provide the tools to identify goals and focus areas and then curate content and personal recommendations to help achieve them. In addition, you can track your progress using our Personal Wellbeing Index to see demonstratable results and improvements.

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