Change and Transformation

The world is going through rapid transformation with widespread instability and uncertainty, whether at home or in the workplace. These uncertain, changing times can impact the way we feel about ourselves and the world around us, negatively effecting our relationships, health and career.

From Surviving to Thriving

True wellbeing and person mastery is when we take control over our mental and emotional state regardless of external instability. It is possible to learn how to develop resilience and inner peace. From this place of stability we can make our best decisions to take ourselves forward, as an individual or a business.

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Deborah Fairfull

Our Story

Our founder Deborah Fairfull, has owned startups since she was 24 and is familiar with the unique challenges of running a business. On her journey she discovered wellbeing education made all the difference to herself and team in facilitating personal mastery and ongoing success. As a result she founded Blisspot by bringing together community, education and technology. Deborah is now joined by over 70 international wellbeing experts on Blisspot who share wellbeing education through online courses, podcasts, meditations and one-on-on sessions to support individuals and businesses to thrive.

Worlds Best Wellbeing

Blisspot's incredible team of passionate wellbeing experts, such as—Dr. Margaret Paul, who has appeared on Oprah, and Ana Holub, receiver of the Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance Award and Beatrix Schmidt, the internationally renowned sleep educator—are dedicated to providing the answers you need to support your ongoing health and happiness. Blisspot is always pursuing opportunities to grow together and has fostered a culture of iterative learning and innovation to ensure we bring you the best of wellbeing that the world has to offer.

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