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What Blisspot Partners Say:

Ingrid - Digivizer



"I am loving the life-enhancing resources on offer at Blisspot. The presenters are not only highly experienced in their areas of expertise but also authentic and relatable. The way they share their personal experiences offers real life insight rather than theoretical learnings. The topics are relevant to all aspects and stages of life and are thought provoking. I highly recommend."

Carrie - Go1



"We value working with Blisspot as a wellbeing partner as we are committed to providing the best learning opportunities to improve lives through education and training. I appreciate the authenticity of Blisspot's passionate global experts sharing their life's work and experiential techniques to empower wellbeing. This supports our mission to unlock positive potential through a love for learning, and help millions of people in thousands of organizations engage in learning that is relevant, effective, and inspiring."

Hosanna - Work180

Hosanna Neri


"Working with Blisspot has been a blast! Always designing pathways and possibilities for our communities to thrive. And by providing them access to wellbeing experts, insights and tools, we are supporting their journey to finding bliss."

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