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World-Class Programs from Leading Experts

Join over 80 global personal growth experts sharing 100’s of courses, podcasts and meditations.

  • Rachel Julie Adams
  • Personal Resilience
  • Financial Saboteur
  • Conquer Anxiety
  • Rise and Shine
  • 5 Steps to Financial Freedom
  • Stress Management
  • Keep Your body Fit and Vital
  • Men's Health Course
  • Tune up energy Meditation
  • Forgive and Be Free
  • Confidence in the Workplace
  • Abundance Frequency
  • Gratitude
  • Daily Energy Lift

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What Blisspot Partners Say:

Ingrid - Digivizer

“I am loving the life-enhancing resources on offer at Blisspot. The presenters are not only highly experienced in their areas of expertise but also authentic and relatable”.

Ingrid, Digivizer.

Carrie - Go1

“We value working with Blisspot as a wellbeing partner as we are committed to providing the best learning opportunities to improve lives through education and training”.

Carrie, GO1.

Hosanna - Work180

“Designing pathways and possibilities for our communities to thrive. And by providing them access to wellbeing experts, insights and tools, we are supporting their journey to finding bliss”.

Hosanna, WORK180.

Find Your Freedom

Discover tools and resources for personal growth to emerge stronger, more resilient, and more connected to yourself and others. Give yourself the gift of:

  • Improved Health and Vitality
  • Ability to Transcend Stress, Overwhelm and Burnout
  • Enhanced Resilience and Confidence
  • Enhanced Work Performance
  • Improved Communication and Cohesiveness
  • Increased Innovation and Creativity
  • Improved Focus and Decision Making
  • Improved Relationships
  • Boosted Happiness Levels and Enthusiasm
  • A New Sense of Empowerment
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