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  • Vance Larson
    Vance Larson wrote a new blog entry:
    I Want to Hold Your Hand
    • February 6, 2018
    • Vance Larson
      Deborah Fairfull As humans we innately love gentle kind touch. I aim to hug each of my family members several times per day. We thrive on warmth and love. Its important to give love and be open to receiving it. In this digital age, love and face to face communication is...  more
    • Vance Larson
      Jane Mary Coaching So simple and yet largely forgotten, the act of touch. Thank you for reminding us. I really liked this article,
  • Janet Miller
    Janet Miller wrote a new blog entry:
    21 Amazing Benefits of Hugging According to Science (+10 Tips)
    • July 26, 2017