The Journey Home

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by Blisspot Wellbeing

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The Journey to discover true happiness and inner peace externally often fails despite our best efforts. When we are unable to find true happiness in the, our focus often turns inward. The inner journey is the most wonderful opportunity for alchemy, the key to success, to find the everlasting joy and happiness that is innately calling us home!

A life crisis such as a major relationship breakup, serious illness or financial issues can lead us to “take stock” of our life—to devote some time to take a good look at the behaviors that drive us. We often want to know why we have ended up making decisions that result in pain and suffering.

If we find ourselves in a situation that we did not want, this has usually been created by unconscious patterns of behaviour. We would not consciously put ourselves in situations that we do not like—that would harm us or others. These situations are created unconsciously.

When we start to explore our inner world, how our thoughts determine our beliefs, emotions, and behaviors, we can become the masters of our life. This journey can give us the skills to co-create with the universe to live a life that is truly magical.

Initially, we may find our inner world turbulent, manifesting in an outer world of chaos and stress. We may constantly be thinking, energetically taking up a lot of space in our inner world, leaving us feeling constricted and overwhelmed. However when we master of our inner world, we can learn to calm our mind, creating space within and living a life that is peaceful and flowing.

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Instead of being controlled by our unconscious thoughts, we can observe our inner world with love and compassion. Witnessing our thoughts and resulting emotions allows them to flow through our energy system, rather than being trapped and creating blockages. (Over time these blockages can lead to disease). When we can give this gift to ourselves, it allows us to encounter others in a kind and loving way. A beautiful way of being. Stilling our mind transcends us to a peaceful, loving place beyond thought. Developing presence is the way forward in our evolution as a kind and peaceful human race.

A calm, still mind it allows us to tap into the vibrant source energy that is within us all. Just like plugging the toaster into the electricity allows it to operate at its full potential. Beyond thought, we can operate in our truly powerful divine, loving state, regardless of external circumstances.

We may presently be in a situation that we do not like, however, when non-reactive in our thinking, we can accept the situation as it is, with love and grace. We may not have a relationship exactly as we would like, however when we accept it, without overlaying our expectations, it takes away the tension created by opposition. Acceptance allows us to be unconditionally loving, and the relationship may evolve in wonderful ways we may not have imagined.

Allowing the shift from fear to love may take time (even years) as mind patterns dissolve and we learn to transcend to new levels of joy and freedom. However, love is more powerful than fear and will always prevail if that is our intention. When you practice resting in loving, conscious awareness the egoic structures of the mind will no longer create your reality. This journey home allows us to experience ourselves as our true eternal, divine, loving energy source—our true nature.

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