Using the Negative to Reset your Mindset

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by Vance Larson

We all want security in the form of a guarantee, but if the only guarantee is that you won’t give up, that would be more than enough. Too many of us have taken “No” as the final answer.

What if we shifted our thoughts from “No”, as being the first step, to the next step? It took me more than half of my life to realize that a “No” can be the start of a conversation… when appropriate. Please be aware that when it comes to Personal Space, Safety, and Comfort— No means No—and that is the end of that discussion.

With the above being mentioned, How many times did you take “No” out of the gate and realized that you have already settled? Let me be the first to tell you that settling sucks. Be it a job, relationship, or your environment, When we settle, we send a subconscious message that this is what we deserve. So don’t settle, break this pattern immediately. It may take you some time to change the circumstances, but continue to work to get to “Yes”. This sends the message that You deserve better. The Universe responds to not only thought but to action. So take it.

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Did you know that the average salesperson makes eight cold calls to reach their potential prospect? That’s eight times hearing “No”. Eight times having to call back. Eight times of rejection. Then actually getting them on the phone is no guarantee that you’re going to make a sale. You either settle, or you sell and yes, when it comes to sales, you will fail a lot. The good news amongst all this… is that it can only take one, “Yes” to change your life forever.

I’ve said it many times before. “Effort” is the answer. I don’t believe in being pushy. I do believe that hearing no, is the start of a conversation and sometimes the conversation is what we hear in our own heads. Negative thinking like “I’ll never lose weight” or ” never have enough money”. It’s the “Negative”, “No”, and “Never”, that keep us from even trying. Reset your mindset because the more you do, the more the “No’s” will not affect you.

The “No” is not the end. It’s not fatal. It’s a hurdle. They can be overcome and while it is true that some “No’s” will lead to nowhere, accepting the “No” out of the gate, will change how you feel about yourself. Hearing “No” is not bad. It’s a step and sometimes it’s a blessing. The key to “No”, is not letting it affect your self-worth. If you can do that hearing “No” can be like hearing “Yes”. It’s a dance that leads to lifelong adventure.

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