• Mission

    To support people to live in their natural state of health and vitality.

  • Vision

    To make stress and overwhelm conditions of the past by 2035.

  • Focus

    Sharing education to support people feeling more calm, peaceful and in the flow.

Create, Inspire and Uplift by:

Whether you're a visionary or a wellness professional, there's an important part you can play in enriching and enlivening the Blisspot community. Blisspot is a place to share your expertise and wisdom that can help others on their wellness journey. We are looking for:

  • Quality content that will inspire and educate our community
  • A safe and interactive place of sharing and learning
  • Lively discussions and engagement between our members
  • Our members to always feel better when they leave our site

Write Blogs

To contribute blogs you are likely to be a qualified wellness professional looking to share your knowledge to help our members grow. You may already have a strong following or want to raise your profile by engaging with a community actively looking for help and guidance on their journey to vitality, joy and connection. Content will only be approved in relation to the wellbeing categories: self-care, stress, emotions, sleep, relationships, parenting, fitness and nutrition. All content is to have the intention of making a positive difference for readers.

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To Submit a Bliss Blog:

Sell Your Online Course

If you are an online course creator in the wellbeing space, we invite you to check out our online learning at BlissLearn here. You will find over 160+ online courses, podcasts and meditations created by global wellbeing leaders in the areas of: self-care, stress, emotions, sleep, relationships, parenting, fitness and nutrition. If you have something of value to support people's wellbeing in the form of online education, Blisspot could be the community for you.

Creating an online course is one of the ways in which you can earn revenue from Blisspot. Your agreement is not exclusive as your collaboration with us can be in addition to the work that you already do. If you have an online course that you feel would make a positive difference to others, or perhaps are planning to create one, we can assist you with the process, and would love to hear from you.

To Publish Your online Course Let us Know:

  • 1More about your courses or proposed course
  • 2Your area of expertise
  • 3Why you would like to contribute to Blisspot

Send the information to with The Content Manager at [email protected]

Sell Your Online Course

Create and Inspire

For those of you who love inspirational quotes combined with beautiful images, we invite you to check out Blisspot inspirational quotes here. This is your opportunity to inspire those around you, reminding us that the world is a beautiful place.

Create and Inspire

To post your favourite inspirational quotes:

  • 1Go to https://blisspot.com/inspirationalquotes
  • 2Click on the orange Add Photos button to add your quote
  • 3You have the option to create albums of quotes with different themes including authors, emotions or colours for example.

One-on-one Sessions

If you are a psychologist, counsellor or wellbeing coach, we invite you to join us to apply to offer one-on-one sessions on the Blisspot platform.

If you are a wellbeing professional that provides support in the areas of stress, mindfulness, sleep, relationships, parenting, nutrition or fitness, you have the opportunity to earn revenue by providing online sessions via our state of the art telehealth system. With the latest in audio and video technology, it's the next best thing to a live session. The benefits include working from the comfort of your home or office and accessing to clients from all over the world. This is at your convenience as you determine your availability!

To join our team of international wellbeing professionals please email your qualifications and your area of expertise to The Content Manager at [email protected] and we will let you know the next steps.

One-on-one Sessions

Contributing to the Blisspot community allows you to raise your professional profile and make a difference to our member's wellbeing. Whether it's posting blogs, inspirational quotes, creating courses or engaging in one-on-one sessions, there are no limits to the very real change you can make in the lives of our audiences.

Join us on our mission and if you have any questions, contact: The Content Manager at [email protected].