What is True Empowerment?

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We feel empowered and whole when we integrate all parts of ourselves including the parts of us that we don’t like! Yes, these are often the parts of ourselves that we are trying to avoid or deny. Over-eating, drinking, excessive shopping or TV watching, are all strategies that can be used to distract ourselves, from the thing we are trying so desperately to escape!

The good news is that when we stop running and turn and squarely look at what we are trying to avoid, true magic and transformation can take place in our lives. While we were growing up, we may have been told by well-meaning adults, that certain parts of us were not OK, such as our anger, sadness, shame, guilt or even forthrightness. In some cases, our confidence and courage may have been viewed as arrogance and rudeness. Given the message that these parts of ourselves were not OK repeatedly, we began to push those feelings deep down inside, disowning them believing that they were wrong or bad in some way.

Signs that you may have disconnected from your divine, loving self-include:

  • low energy
  • depression
  • anxiety/panic attacks
  • resentment
  • not feeling like yourself.
  • feeling isolated
  • your life is not working in the way you would like
  • you feel unhappy or discontented.

Resisting or denying the things that we don’t like, only keeps them in place, and we end up constantly dealing with the exact things that we are trying to avoid. Acceptance is the first step on the journey to freedom. For example, before you can deal with alcoholism, you have to admit to yourself that you have a problem. Denial keeps you stuck with the same problem.

When we begin to explore the deep dark parts or ourselves we begin to step into our true and divine empowered selves. When “triggered” by behaviours in others that we don’t like, it is usually an indication of the parts of ourselves that we don’t like. These triggers are the clues to our disowned selves. Uncomfortable feelings and judgements are often gifts in strange wrapping paper. When we look at the feelings related to our triggers, it is a wonderful opportunity to unwrap the gift and transform our disowned selves, reconnecting us to our empowered, whole selves.

When we look at the parts of ourselves we don’t “like”, such as our anger, guilt, shame or sadness and accept them, and we can begin to turn them into our greatest strengths. The parts of ourselves that we don’t like or have disowned, all have opposites. For anger its calm, guilt its innocence, shame its courage and sadness its happiness.

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When we accept anger, we also integrate calmness into our inner world. When we accept the emotion, we don’t like we can begin to transcend our inner world, so we are not experiencing an internal battle. Any inner pressure, depression, and low energy begin to transform to feelings of peace and calm as we become “at one” with our inner world.

If we don’t like the outspoken, aggressive part of ourselves when viewed with love, we can begin to see it as a great gift that we can use to tap into our courage or to speak our truth. Accepting those parts or ourselves that we don’t like or have disowned can help us to move through areas in our life where we feel stuck and flow e with freedom and ease.

As you become at one with those parts of yourself that you previously disliked, you will find yourself triggered less (less reactive) to external circumstances. For example, you will now longer be taken away from your sense of inner peace by others aggression, as you have come to a place of peace with your aggression. As within, so without.

The journey to love, happiness, and freedom, begins with the self. It is a journey that transforms your life from the inside out. When you feel loving and peaceful within, that is what you will observe and experience in your everyday life.

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