The Journey from the Head to the Heart

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by Blisspot Wellbeing

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 A world founded on heart energy transcends violence, war, and fear.
Grace, peace and harmony take their place.
~ Deborah Fairfull


We usually come into the world lovingly, connected to our heart.

When we are in our heart space, it is an “awakened state” where we feel expanded and full of joy. This state is 60 times more powerful than when we operate from our brain or mind alone (The Institute of Heart Math, 2013).

Traditional Chinese medicine views the heart as “The Emperor” of our body and has long recognised how essential it is to remain connected to our heart for consistent well-being and happiness (Chinese Medicine: Rooted in Spirit, 2006).

From our heart space, it is impossible to hurt others, as we feel so connected to them that it would be like hurting ourselves.

A world founded on heart energy transcends violence, war, and fear. Grace, peace and harmony take their place.


What is it that disconnects us from our wise and powerful heart, leaving us feeling disempowered and fragile?

Fearful thoughts carry a very powerful energy that overrides our heart’s energy. Repeated fearful thoughts can manifest as defensive behaviours, which were perhaps modelled to us by often well-meaning adults while we are growing up. Conditioning is the term commonly used for being taught to think in a fearful way.

A pattern occurs when we are repeatedly in the same unwanted situation. Energetic patterns can unconsciously be passed down from generation to generation until someone consciously decides to find a better way. We would never consciously create difficult situations for ourselves or others—these situations are created unconsciously. Awareness of our patterns is a wonderful gift for alchemy. It allows us to transform the unconscious thoughts that drive the pattern, to conscious ones that we can choose, creating a great life.

Our fear or conditioning can result in stress and overwhelm. An energetic block can form, between our mind and heart, so we are no longer able to hear what our wise and beautiful heart is telling us—resulting in feeling disconnected and alone.

Lake and mountains


Fortunately is possible to reconnect to our heart energy, our awakened state and feel whole again—where we are at one with ourselves.

Three ways to connect with your heart energy:

  1. Stop trying and start flowing: Our heart does not have to try hard. It just knows things intuitively. The more we try to work things out in our head, the more elusive our goal can become. “Trying” energy can be a very hard energy, leaving us feeling stressed and tense. It can take us right out of the flow. For example, you sit down at your computer to try to solve a technical issue, only to feel more and more frustrated. But if you step away from the computer and take a break, the solution may come effortlessly. Often the best ideas come when you are not trying at all.
  2. Consciously develop presence: In a state of presence, you radiate heat energy and are fully present in the here and now. It’s the mind that causes scattered feelings and weakens us by taking us “all over the place” with worries about the past or future. The energy of presence is strong and stable and empowers us to consciously magnificent life in the way we would like. Calming and developing a quiet mind cultivates presence. Walking in nature and meditation is examples of things that assist this process. From a calm, still place, you can connect to the wisdom of your heart as thoughts are quiet, and you can hear what your heart is telling you. Presence also gives you the ability to choose thoughts to create a great life consciously.Lakeside forest
  3. Accept your emotions: Our heart space creates a sense of oneness—there is no division as our mind creates this. The heart does not see emotions as “good” or “bad.” It is not judgemental. When we numb ourselves from the emotions we find difficult by, for example, shopping, drinking, or blaming others, we also numb ourselves to the great joy that we find in an open heart. The good news is that by learning to observe and accept all our emotions with love and compassion, it is possible to reconnect to our beautiful heart energy.

The Treasure

The journey to from the head to the heart can be challenging at times as we take an authentic look at the emotions we find uncomfortable. This takes courage, however, I guarantee it will be the most rewarding journey you will experience. Our heart is where our treasure is—it is our home of contentment, joy, and bliss.

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