How to Feel Peaceful

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Flowing with life leads to feeling peaceful within. Living with awareness, from a state of love and presence is integral to this process. Accepting yourself and others as they are, while being open to new possibilities creates a sense of bliss and harmony. When you go beyond thought, beyond ego, you will find this peaceful, yet dynamic, state. You feel energetic, complete, and absorbed in the moment. You are not obsessing about the past or worrying about the future. You may have challenging times; however, you can use your skills to centre yourself back to your loving self. You will be able to make kind and benevolent decisions, rather than those based on fear.

Living from a state of loving awareness rather than being controlled by the mind, allows you to be in tune with the flow of life. Life unfolds in a more synchronistic, effortless way. Rather than being out of step with life you are instead dancing in tune. When you live from awareness, you feel connected to everything around you. This state does not require any external circumstances to change. It requires that you shift your perception to a place beyond thought, negativity, fear and rest in peace and harmony. Here you will find yourself connected to your intuition, which safely guides you on your journey through life.

When you live your life with awareness, it is being connected to a dynamic, all-knowing intelligence field that has the answers to everything. It is the wisdom that you find when you go beyond thought and listen.

If you become aware of yourself thinking negative or obsessive thoughts, this is a valuable opportunity to practice developing your awareness. Consciously stop thinking thoughts! Shift your focus from your head to your body. Let your attention rest in your body and relax. When you consciously shift awareness in this way, it feels good because you are releasing the tension and stress in your head that results from over-thinking. With an empty mind, there is room to experience the peace and love that is inherently within you.

When you are stressed, it masks your inner peace. Practice taking a walk in nature, without being lost in your thoughts. Consciously focus on your surroundings—your footsteps, the way the light touches the trees, the sound of the birds singing, and so on. This shift in perception allows you to be fully present and to feel the joy of the moment—it allows you to experience the presence that exists beyond the mind.

The following table will give you clues to indicate when your mind is in control and when you are in a state of presence.

The shift from mind to presence

Mind v Presence table

When your mind is controlling you, use conscious awareness to create a state of peace within yourself. For example, stop criticising, obsessing or worrying about money—or whatever form of illusion the mind is partaking in—and return to being focused on the present moment. As your mind loses its grip, you will find your life opening up in a new, loving way.

Unawareness leads to doing the same thing again, even if it makes you unhappy. Awareness of your thoughts, feelings, body, reactions and resulting behaviours enables you to make changes if you desire. That is why awareness is the ultimate freedom. The freedom to make choices and live the life you want rather than being driven by unconscious behavioural patterns that do not serve you.

Consciously look at any emotional pain within you with love. Love dissolves pain, and when your heart opens up, it feels blissful. You can spend a lifetime looking for bliss out there while it has been inside you the whole time!

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