How to Love Unconditionally

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Unconditional love is when we love someone without condition. We live our life as an expression of love regardless of other people. This way of being is inspirational to others as it can trigger them in remembering who they are which is pure, unconditional love.

If someone hurts us or treats us badly, unconditional love does not mean that we endorse that behaviour. We can still love someone unconditionally, however, express that a particular behaviour is not acceptable as it is hurting us.

When we have to do something or be a certain way that goes against our inner love for ourselves, to receive love, that love is conditional. Love is being used to manipulate us at our expense, however, the other person wins, and we lose.

Instead, if we start thinking of love as the behaviour itself, the reward becomes the feeling we get when we act a certain way, not when someone else acts a certain way. We can continue acting this way all the time, regardless of how other people behave, it becomes an act of generosity.

When we act lovingly, we are living as an expression of love—our true nature. Even when others are exhibiting unloving behaviour we can choose to address this in a loving way. That is, another’s behaviour does not stop us being who we truly are in that is love.

Expressing ourselves lovingly is the essence and foundation of all loving relationships.

In the past, many of us have found creating warm, loving, consistent relationship that endures, a major challenge—despite our best efforts! Fortunately, with a deeper understanding of our mind and our emotions, this can become a problem of the past.

When we learn to understand our mind (the source of our pain)—we see that our thoughts are neither good nor bad—they are just thoughts, and not who we are. Unconscious thoughts, thought frequently enough, will form internal limiting beliefs for us.

No one would ever consciously think thoughts that were not in their best interest. An untrained mind can take in information without question. It then acts on that information in the best way it knows, with the aim of protecting us. Part of our evolution is to learn that there is a better way. Just as we learn to walk, part of the development of our mind is the learning to train our unconscious mind to be conscious.

Rather than allowing our mind to be our master, we can learn the skill of mastering our mind. Rather than unconsciously acting out the thoughts of our mind, we can realise that we are the divine, loving force that observes our thoughts and the resulting emotions. We are greater than our mind, each and every one of us is divine, loving energy of our true essence.

This time, in history, is a very exciting time, where because of technology and increased interest, large masses of the population are transcending unconscious ways or being. Like never before it is possible for us to evolve into the fullest, most expanded versions of ourselves—limitless, full and complete. The Yogis refer to this way of being as Ananda. Living in a state of unconditional love.

The world is currently transforming and with new awareness. It will be more and more possible for us to go beyond the stress, worry and fear of our mind and tap into the loving power of our heart. From this place, it is possible for us to create beautiful and meaningful relationships allowing us to experience the bliss of an open heart and deep connection.

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