Does God Exist?

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by Vance Larson

Does God exist? I am commonly asked this question. Being both a man of faith and science, the answer to that question is, I don’t know. More importantly, I don’t care.

As a man who believes in science, I see little to no proof that God exist. Furthermore, if He/She does exist, is God good? Working 30 years in mental health {20 as a crisis counselor}, God is not all good. The suffering of men, women and children that supposedly were created in God’s image proves to be an unjust God. If we are His/Her children, why let us suffer? I have seen drug addicted mothers and fathers care for their children. If God were all good and merciful, what is the point of our suffering?

Too many religious people say all in God’s time. Or, we can’t understand the thinking of God. Please don’t give me that! Surely there must be a better way for an all powerful all knowing God to teach us. And please don’t bring sin into this. Sin is a word used to control the masses. I believe in evil. But, that is different from sin.

Being a man of faith, I make it a choice everyday to believe in God. For the same reason that I see suffering in men, women and children, I realize that I can’t reach them on my own. We as humans are flawed. We need each other as much as some of us need the concept of God. But somehow we have evolved into a culture of shame, guilt and blame. Be it religion, politics or anything else for that matter. If we don’t understand, agree or believe in it, we attack it. And that is the shortcomings of religion, politics and being a flawed human.

So as I stand before you today, I don’t care if God exist for you. I will love, honor and do my best to co-exist with you. But please show me the same courteously. I DO BELIEVE IN GOD. And honestly I don’t care if God exist or not. The concept of God allows for me to level up as a human. Do I have questions? Yes! Do I have answers? No! But what I do have is an unquenchable thirst to bring peace to every environment that I find myself in. And that beautiful people, is the essence of God for me.

One Love!

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