Making a Woman Happy

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by Deborah Tyson

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Men and women can be different in the ways that they like to express and receive love. We all want our relationship to be the best it can be, but sometimes it is hard to know what it is that makes out partner truly happy.

Ten Hot Tips to Keep a Woman Happy in a Relationship:

  1. Make space for and listen to a woman’s emotions. If a woman wants a man’s advice, she will ask for it. A woman usually does not want their problems fixed (which a man can innately want to do). Women want their emotions validated so they feel heard. Men do not have to agree with their partner—validation is enough. This process keeps emotions flowing rather than stuck in the body. Empathy (not necessarily agreeing with but trying to see things from someone else’s perspective) makes women feel valued.
  2. Recognise that when she has strong emotions, disproportionate to the situation, it can be, due to an unresolved traumatic event from the past. It is possible to heal these emotions when they are met with a man’s unconditional love. With her partner, it may be the first time in a woman’s life that she has experienced unconditional love.
  3. Create quality times with her to let her know she is loved and appreciated. It is easy to get swept up in the business of work and other activities. Make togetherness time a priority and schedule everything else around that. For example. My husband and I go for a swim in the ocean and have coffee together every morning. We treasure this time as it has a lovely positive energy that underpins the rest of our day.
  4. Make her feel like she is your number one priority even when you are apart. Schedule a few times a day, to text, email or phone call—it only takes minutes, yet maintains a beautiful, loving bond between you. Often, my husband calls me just to say hello. I know he is busy, and I appreciate the time he has taken, to let me know that he’s thinking about me.happy couple
  5. Show her that she is number one by spending time with her, without any other electronic distraction such as the phone or iPad. Actions speak louder than words.
  6. Shower her with appreciation—women can be super busy—juggling the house, children, career, and social lives just to name a few things. Heartfelt and specific appreciation goes a long way in creating a warm and loving relationship.
  7. Spending quality time together away from your daily routine can take a relationship to a whole new level. An overnight stay or weekend away can give you both to time to reconnect at a deep level. Intensive time together can give the rest of the relationship a boost when time together is often limited due to the day to day business of life.
  8. Practice five kind gestures that take less than thirty seconds, such as a big kiss before work, an “I love you” note, hugs, a single flower, and kind words. Simple things can have a significant impact on keeping love alive and flowing for a woman.
  9. Be a strong, yet kind and gentleman. Having the strength but choosing to be gentle is a very appealing quality that will allow a woman’s heart to blossom. A woman’s heart will open because she feels protected yet safe, knowing she is not likely to be hurt by someone she deeply loves.
  10. Always act with honesty and integrity. Women melt into these qualities, as they relax knowing that their partner is not going to play games with them or hurt them. How safe a woman feels with a man is directly proportional to how much she will open up her heart and surrender into an intimate relationship.

The more we allow our innate feminine and masculine qualities to flow through us in our relationships, the more harmony and balance we will experience. When each partner works to their strengths, there is more flow and unity, in a relationship.

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