How to Have an Invulnerable Will

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by Sergei VanBellinghen

How to have an invulnerable will and not to be broken is something that each one of us has control over. You decide whether or not you can be defeated and how far you are willing to go. And all of it comes down to one simple thing in your mind which is: truly believing in what you are fighting for.

Are you willing to push through the hard times? Does something stop you when you want to create momentum in your life? Is your life dictated by what you believe to be luck or cause and effect?

If you believe to the core of your being in what you are fighting for, then you have an invulnerable will. But it is something that you have to define for yourself. Yet, most people just stumble through life. They daydream, not having a real plan or objective worth aiming for the future.

Therefore, when they hit an obstacle that pushes back against them or an equally obstinate force, they break, bow or crumble. The reason is that most people do not have that burning amber inside of them. And without this desire, they will not make onto the other side of the hurdle.

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Will and Beliefs Shape Your Life

It is up to you to let life stop you. And if you want to create momentum in your life, understand that it is not some outside circumstance but something on the inside called willpower. So, the only way you are going to persevere is if you believe in what you are fighting for. That, in turn, gives you an invulnerable will!

Therefore, this power of will is the thing at the center of your soul that provides you with the tenacity you need. Then you can see that you are not limited or defined by your physical prowess. And at that moment, you understand that you are made by what you come to stand for. Your existence is constructed by your will and beliefs.

As a result, your life is shaped by the things you believe you can do. However, when you take the time to build something, you need to develop the strength of conviction. And it is that invulnerable will which will help you through hell and back.

If you are going through hell, keep going. ~ Winston Churchill

A Reflection of Your Choices

The simplest change you can make in your life is to choose that everything is a result of the choices that you make. I know, it is always much easier to blame a situation or someone than oneself. Yes, of course, you can believe in luck, that you do not have control, or that the world is happening to you.

But on the other hand, you can choose to recognize that cause and effect exist. And say that if you want to get better at something, you have to put in the work. And yes, you can ask for a bigger or smaller load, the choice is totally yours. Yet, in the end, you must have an invulnerable will if you want something badly enough.

So, you may like it or not, but your life right now is the exact reflection of your choices, good or bad. It is also the story you tell yourself about what you are capable of doing or not. Yet, at any time, you have a great willpower instinct to choose and decide a different outcome for your life.

Shallow people believe in luck and circumstance; strong people believe in cause and effect.  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Developing an Invulnerable Will

There are no limitations to what you can do. When you believe in something that other people perceive as limits, it becomes an invulnerable will. And you only see it as a plateau that you must go beyond. It is okay to stop when you hit a plateau but it is not in your best interest to stay there.

Of course, no one else can help you change that. You have to believe in the core of your soul that you can. But first, you have to realize that life is a set of cause and effect. It can change the course of your life, and the expectations you have of yourself or of others.

Right now, you are mistaken what you have for what could be. But you can break free by realising that, at this very minute, you are a moment in time and that you have hidden potential. You can express an invulnerable will to get good at anything and develop yourself in any direction you desire.


The Power of Will

The plasticity of your brain is one of the greatest weapons you can use, but you have to move beyond what you perceive. You have to look beyond and see that which does not yet exist. Many of the things that are holding you down are just thoughts, standards and rules that can be broken.

And some of these rules even tell you what is okay to dream or what is not. But I am here to tell you that the power is in recognizing that you can do anything. This power gives an invulnerable will and the arrogance to believe that you can do whatever you set your mind to do.

But no one is going to give you the willingness to believe in yourself. Others cannot see past their limitations which they take as truth. People actually believe that things that have stopped them will knock you down as well. Only you can see beyond the limits and it takes courage to go after them.


Nothing Can Stop You

Therefore, you have to break past those rules. You need to learn how to use your willpower and fight the stress, obstacles, and walls when you go against the grain. The misfits who fight against world limitations have all an invulnerable will that makes anything impossible possible.

Do not allow yourself to be caged by what other people are thinking. Being a captive is not a life. Do not let yourself be defined by what others perceive of you, or you will be limited. So, figure out what you need to do and do it. Forget about being someone else’s reflection of you. Get an invulnerable will and let your goals drive your behaviors because there is nothing stopping you but you.

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  1. Deborah Fairfull
    Deborah Fairfull

    A great reminder that no-one can make you believe in yourself, you need to develop your sense of self-belief. When you believe in yourself others are more likely to believe in you too.

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