The A to Z of Being Your Best Self

young woman heads up enjoying sunlight nature in canola field
by Anne McKeown

Be able, accepting, adventurous, assertive and altruistic

Be brave, beautiful and bold

Be caring, committed, confident, co-operative, courageous, curious and coachable

Be dependable, discerning and always discreet

Be encouraging, empathetic and enthusiastic about life

Be faithful, forgiving, friendly and fair in all dealings

Be generous, gentle, and grateful for all you have

Be honest, helpful, hardworking, and humble

Be inter-dependant, a person of integrity and above all be interesting

Be kind, keen and keep fit

Be a leader, a listener, a lover and a loyal friend

Be meditative, moral, mindful and merciful

Be nurturing, natural and never nasty

Be open minded, optimistic and organised

Be patient, peaceful, persistent and prudent

Be reasonable, repentant, resilient, respectful and responsible for your actions

Be self-loving, sensitive, sincere, spontaneous and of service to others

Be tactful, trusting, and teach whenever you can

Be understanding, uncomplicated and united with those you dislike

Be vigilant, vulnerable and a true visionary

Be welcoming, wise and a winner

Be You!

Be full of zest!

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