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Helena Popovic

Every person exists to make a unique contribution to the world. Even if you don’t know what your unique contribution might be, by living authentically, in alignment with your deepest values, you are making your contribution. People sense your life force, your vitality and your zest. Whatever energy you are putting out into the world is contagious to those around you.

Many people tell me their energy is being drained by health concerns, body weight issues, confusion around food, or emotional eating. If this is you, how can you regain control over your health, your eating and your life? How can you reignite your spark? How can you change gear from surviving to thriving?

The path to vibrant health, lasting vitality and a body you love isn’t a smooth, well-travelled road.

Standard vehicles – diets, meal plans, exercise regimes or even bariatric surgery—won’t get you there. They don’t provide enough control and traction to last the course. All existing weight management programs focus only on food and exercise. This is like trying to drive over mud, sand and rough terrain with only a standard car. You wouldn’t even attempt it. You’d get a 4-Wheel Drive (4WD).

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Healthy living isn’t a level highway. We have to navigate different terrains over the course of a lifetime. Yet we use the equivalent of a standard car to drive over rocky, slippery and boggy ground. We need our 4-Wheel Thrive (4WT).

Your 4-Wheel Thrive (4WT) is the 4 Wheels that will bring you vibrant health, lasting vitality and a body you love. One wheel is of course, What you eat. But the other three Wheels are equally critical: Why, How and When you eat. In fact, Why, How and When we eat, determine What we eat.

These are the 4 Wheels: Why, How, When and What. When all four wheels are working in sync, you’ll reach your health destination.

Consider for a moment Why you eat. Do you eat because of Hunger, ‘hAnger’ or Habit? Thirty percent of the average person’s eating is NOT in response to hunger, but in response to emotional, social or environmental triggers. That means consuming 30% more calories than we need—every day. Become aware of your Hunger Games and you’ll start winning back control of your body.

Now reflect on How you eat. Are you Multitasking? Mindful? Saying Mmm?

And what about When you eat? Timing influences our gut bacterial species, our insulin production and our body weight. There’s a time to accelerate and a time to brake. Understand your biology and your body will regain its natural healing rhythm.

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