It Takes Courage to Become Who You Really Are

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by Sergei VanBellinghen

It takes courage to become who you really are because it means turning into the person you know deep in your heart that you should be. Change takes audacity and willpower. But it also implies getting rid of beliefs you have embraced and implemented from people around you over the years.

What did you really want to be when you were growing up? Who did you want to be? What desire does light a fire in your soul?

Most times, people think about things they want to have, who they need to be, and how they would like others to perceive them. But they often let go of what they truly desire and forget to reflect on how to be remembered. Time after time, they identify with memories, holding onto the past, assuming these things are defining who they are.

Yet, it takes an immense amount of courage actually to be who you really are. It is not easy to abandon beliefs and convictions which through the years, you adopted from your parents, relatives, friends, teachers, coaches, mentors, and spouse. And yes, it takes courage and work to let go of those things. But now is the time to take a stand for who you are deep inside, and what you really believe in.


Examine Your Beliefs

Currently, you have a set of beliefs and assumptions, some of which you accepted way back in your early childhood and defended ever since. Once acquired and imprinted, you rarely question these beliefs. You naturally assume that they are all true.

If, for example, you believe that it is hard to make money; well then, it is difficult to make money. Most people often doubt and analyze almost every aspect of their lives, but their beliefs are the last thing they challenge. It takes courage to change things around.

So, if you have problems in some areas of your life, you need to examine all of your beliefs. If you have financial difficulties, look carefully at your principles about money. You have to pay attention to negative statements or views such as “I never have enough money” or “It is impossible to get ahead.” Your beliefs get lodged deeply into your subconscious which continually works at creating your reality.


Making Changes Takes Courage

You have to adopt new life-believing principles, living and thinking differently. If your subconscious is picking up negativity or limiting suggestions too often, then it will accept them as real. It will work with those beliefs, day and night, until ultimately, bringing the corresponding events you hold in your mind.

When you accept limitations about yourself, then you believe that they are real until you find out otherwise. Your mind, convinced, will magnify any incidents that support your view, and will ignore or dismiss events which point to the opposite. It will distort your perception of reality and work overtime to manifest those realities.

So, it takes courage and determination to make changes and be who you really want to be. But if you change your beliefs, you change your focus, and in time it will create a new reality. No one said it would be easy. New thoughts and views are tough to imprint but not impossible.

It takes courage


New Thoughts New Reality

While trying to create new beliefs, you might doubt things are changing. You may feel discouraged and wonder if you are wasting your time. Your mind will try to fool you by telling you that it won’t work or that nothing will happen.

However, push all of it aside, continue to feed your mind with the beliefs you want, and be patient. It takes courage to become who you really are. Everything in existence is changing. Nothing remains the same. Your circumstances are forever changing and becoming something else.

So, how could your new thoughts, if you persist in believing and imprinting them, do anything but bring you a new reality? Think about it! Let go of the wrong beliefs you have. Ask yourself what you want out of life and become your true self.


It Takes Courage to Let Go

Too often, you get attached to things and people, as if they are a part of you. Then you wonder why you feel somehow broken when a relationship ends or something changes. But those things are not who you are. You are not who you were in the past. And you are not what other people judge you to be.

Therefore, what and who you are is the result of what you choose to think and do. It takes courage to let go, grow, and change into the person that you really are, without all of the fuss around you. The word ‘courage’ is French, and its true meaning is ‘heart.’

And so, this why you have to follow your heart to become the person you know deep inside you came here to be. In that way, you will manifest the life you honestly dream to have. You can then have a life where everything you experience is yours and only yours.


How to Get More Courage

In every one of you, since childhood, there is a built-in desire that pushes you to want to explore the untapped potential which lies within you. But most of the time, you are afraid to become who you really are. You do not know how to get the courage to find out what you can be. Yet, if you do not, you will end up working really hard for someone who does.

So, find the courage to do the right thing by choosing for you, and not someone else. You do not deserve to live a stressful life-oriented or forced by others around you. Choose based on who you want to be, and then honor that choice with your actions. Let go of what others may think!

And let go of people telling you just to be satisfied with what you have or where you are. You know you have the ability to do and be so much more. However, if you allow yourself to grow, take courage because along your journey, you might doubt your willpower to succeed and the impact you can make.


Courage in Action

As a result, you may have hundreds of other reasons as to why your growth is being obstructed in some areas of your life. But you can change the script of your life by getting more courage and become who you really are. Courage in action pays off!

So, if you want to be you truly, be happy with every fiber of your being, and become your real self, you have to get a life that makes your heart sing and fills your cup with joy every day. Only then, will you find happiness and purpose in life! It takes courage to do some inner work so that you can grow to become who you really are. But you deserve to live life with authenticity, every single day.

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  1. Deborah Fairfull

    I LOVE this article. Yes, it does take lots of courage and self-belief to step up and be who you truly want to be. Great that you offer support to people in this area Sergei. Blisspot Members, you can ask Sergei direct questions through the Blisspot Q&A or become friends with him on his profile page and DM him or get in contact with him through any of his social channels or website.

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