How to Develop a Love of Reading

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Finding the fun in reading is a real challenge for some people. Many struggle to put in the effort, lack the time or simply cannot connect with the story.

Reading for pleasure is a fantastic means of engaging the mind and stretching your capacity for comprehensive thought. There is no greater practice for relaxing your brain than with a good book. Furthermore reading is an easy hobby that requires no special skills to master.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Pick a Book that Resonates with You

In adolescence, many people are turned off from the practice of reading after having been assigned books of study by their teachers. While these assigned texts might be masterworks in their own right, not everyone connects with the works of Austen or Tolkien.

It is important that you choose a book that compliments your interests.

But what are your interests?

There are so many books out there, how to choose one?

Start with the genre and build up from there. Consider the kinds of movies or TV shows you like to watch, for inspiration. Maybe you like gory crime thrillers or steamy erotica.

Once you know, hit the bookstores or the web and start browsing. Major chains are typically very helpful at marking bestsellers for particular genres. Browse the selections until you find a book that speaks to you and start reading.

Don’t be pessimistic about finding your ideal book, you will definitely find one so long as you have a good look.

2. Start Reading

Another major problem with wide reading is that people often start books but fail to finish them. The most common reason being, poor time management.

How to fix it:

Set yourself a reading schedule, twenty pages a day, a chapter every other day, etc. Whatever you decide, be sure to stick to it, regardless of how busy you become.

What are some good times to read?

For the especially busy, finding the optimal times to read can be a nightmare. Fortunately, there are moments in the day where even a busy CEO could sneak in some story time.

These include but are not limited too:

  • The commute to and from work
  • Lunch breaks
  • Before bed
  • Use an audiobook (Not reading technically but it leaves your hands free to work)

Over time as your engagement for reading grows, the reading limit you set will become redundant as you start reading each and every day for the sheer thrill.

3. Follow your Favourite Authors

Every story has an end and when a reader puts a book down for the final time, they often ask themselves, what do I read next?

Don’t go months before obtaining your next book otherwise, you will relapse to the point when reading becomes a chore once more.

Instead of racking your brain for months, simply use your preferred authors as a reference. If you liked one of their books, odds are you will like another.

If the above solution is not applicable, ask a friend or family member for their recommendations.

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4. Join a Book Club

What could be more fun than reading your favourite book?

Answer: Reading your favourite book with other like-minded bookworms.

People reading the same piece of literature often have different interpretations of the plot. Discussing and arguing those points can be a rewarding experience as you will come to understand and appreciate books in entirely new ways. Furthermore, as you engage with others, your horizons will expand as you start to read new texts you would never have previously considered.

Understandably social gatherings are not everyone’s speed, fortunately, you don’t have to join or set up a formal book club. Instead, having a friend or family member to talk about books with can be just as effective.

5. Don’t Forget Libraries


There is a finite amount of space on your bookshelf. Fortunately, that concern was forever fixed by the library.

Libraries are wondrous places, sanctuaries of literature designed to foster reading for people of all ages and their repositories rival that of the large book chains. Furthermore, they are absolutely free, as long as you remember to return the books on time.

6. Kindles and eBooks

Have a paper allergy?

Not a problem.

As technology grows, new opportunities arise. People now more than ever prefer to read from a screen rather than traditional paper and ink. Kindles give you the opportunity to keep all your stories stored securely on the digital plane, accessible right from the palm of your hand.

Enjoy Reading

Reading provides a different type of thrill to skydiving or dodgeball. Literature is a realm of endless opportunity, and a good book can take you literally anywhere, from a pirate ship crewed by clowns in the Caribbean to an alien world populated by men named Mike.

Your trip starts now. Where do you want to go?

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