How to Access Your Intuition

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Our intuition is the internal guidance system that we’re born with, to safely guide us on our path through life. Our intuition is like a GPS that navigates our life’s journey, particularly challenging situations to warn us or to get us where we need to go!

We all have the gift of intuition. However, due to conditioning and the daily pressures of life, it is common to become disconnected from our intuition. For some, it is buried deeper inside than for others.

Over time we may have been conditioned to—or taken on others opinions and beliefs—as more important than our own. This can be something that we can do quite unconsciously unless we have been guided throughout our life to listen to ourselves and to trust that “all we need to know is within.”

The good news is that it is possible for all of us, with awareness and practice to reconnect and strengthen our intuition into a finely tuned guidance system to keep us safe, happy and healthy.

Our intuition is like a muscle; we have to use it, or we will lose it! The more we use it, the more powerful it will become and the more empowered we are.

Our intuition generally speaks to us as a quiet voice within, or sometimes we may feel it as a gut instinct, a sense of foreboding or our hair standing up on our arms, for example.

If we do no listen to the whispers or other intuitive signals, our intuition will “amp up” in intensity until we listen to what it is saying. For example, if you ignore the whispers of your intuition, it will speak a little louder which could be seen as a gentle nudge. If you continue not to listen, your intuition will gently poke you and then strongly poke you. If you are still not listening it may decide to drop a pebble, stone and then rock on your head until you finally wake up and listen to what your inner wisdom is telling you. The rock could be: getting fired from work, a divorce or losing your home, for example.

It is always easier to fix things when they are small, which is why it can radically change your life for the better, by learning to tune in and act on the quiet whispers of your intuition.

Cannot hear intuition

What prevents us from listening to our intuition is when the noise in our head is so loud, we can no longer hear what our intuition is saying to us. This can happen when we are stressed and overwhelmed. Rather than a calm still, mind, our thoughts are racing—catastrophising a situation or stuck in a negative cycle of thinking. When this happens, we need to take control and mentally reset—by taking three deep breaths, meditating or spending some time in nature, to calm our mind, for example.

Sometimes we hear our intuition but don’t trust it. Sometimes even when we do trust our intuition; we don’t take action on what we hear!

It is common to feel like we don’t have time to create space in our life. We can get so caught up in “doing” things to make life better and can keep on doing the same old thing, even if it is not working. Contrary to what we might think, generally, our downtimes do make our doing times better—by being more productive, as our actions are driven from insights that are aligned with our best course of action.

Tune In and Act on Your Intuition by:

  1. Making “space” by creating regular downtimes to listen to what your intuition is saying. Note: Be mindful of the difference between a reaction from your body’s survival system, and a response, where your intuition is guiding you.
  2. Engaging in activities that evoke a calm mind such as taking deep breaths, walking in nature or hugging a tree.
  3. Trusting your intuition always right for you. It is possible to be aware of your intuition but not trust it. Have faith in your intuition as it is custom made to take care of you. No one knows what is better for you than your intuition.
  4. Acting on your intuition and your life will flow. If you don’t take action, you may find yourself stuck in the same old situation, feeling frustrated. Nothing happens without action, so act on your intuition.
  5. Speaking from your intuition as your intuition is what is right for you or your truth. Your intuition comes from your heart—a loving place. When you speak your truth, the quality of your life improves, as you are congruent in what you think, feel, and say.
  6. Being proactive and consciously go out and create the life you want, guided by your intuition. Your intuition is the guiding light!

No one knows what is better for you than your intuition.

It is common to search for happiness in another person or to think that happiness comes from somewhere “out there”. What you are looking for has been inside you the whole time. Trust yourself and be confident in your intuition. Your intuition is always right for you!

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