What is Your Vision for 2020?

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by Vance Larson

The year 2020 is upon us and they say 20 20 is the perfect vision but it is not. A quick Google search will show that. But 20 20 is good vision. So what is the vision that you have for year 2020?

Many people get excited to close out the year and get ready for change. However, they’re often disappointed because they do not have perfect vision. What do I mean by perfect vision? I mean that they enter the new year with the same mind-set and vision from the old. In other words,¬†they have not gotten clear on their vision.

Before my wife became disabled, there wasn’t a weekend that you wouldn’t find us deep in the woods somewhere hiking. We would hike in all kinds of weather. There were times when park rangers would suggest that we didn’t hike because the conditions were not favourable, however, we were prepared. I was notorious for hiking with more than enough supplies. I prepared for the worst, and had contingencies. And while it is true that things happen way beyond our control, we were experienced hikers, and had the skill-set to handle most circumstances. So what is my point? My point is that we were very well prepared for our journey. How prepared are you for 2020?

Just being excited about change, does not mean anything will change.

I think the way we approach a New Year starts with our vision. What do we want to see, or accomplish in the new year? Do we have a plan, discipline and skill-set to reach the goal? Just being excited about change, does not mean anything will change. We have to see it, feel it and affirm it. We have to work for it, even when it doesn’t feels like it is not going to work out. But none of this really matters unless you have a vision. You have to know were you want to go. It is the first step in our prep work.

Using the example of my wife and I hiking, before we started our journey, we got clear on the vision. We looked at the terrain. We looked at the environment. Having done this basic step, we knew what gear we would need to take. We knew if we needed to update our skill-set. We had a plan of where we wanted to go. See what I am getting at? And it all started with vision.

So they say 20 20 is the perfect vision and while it is good, it is not perfect. Get excited about 2020. It can be perfect but, you will have to do the work because remember, just being excited about change, does not mean anything will change. Get clear on your vision, do the work and make 2020 your best year yet.

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