5 Paths to Finding Yourself

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by Blisspot Wellbeing

We all have an inner yearning to be our true selves—as though our soul is calling us home! Despite our best attempts this deep connection with ourselves can remain elusive, and leave us feeling less than a whole. When we come into the world, most of us are connected to our innate sense of joy and happiness. We can lose this sense of joy if we do not tap into our natural ability to handle life’s challenging situations.

We can draw inspiration from others as they may have great ideas which “resonates” with us. When you find such things that resonate with you, then surely it is right for us. Our intuition is our best guide. Ultimately nobody knows what is best for us better than ourselves.

How to Find Yourself:

  1. Work out your goals: If you are not the captain of your ship it is easy to get swept into murky waters. The Universe responds to CLEAR intent. Work out your goals making sure they are clear. The clearer they are the easier they are to reach.
  2. Observe your thoughts: Many thoughts you have may seem like they are your own. However, upon careful observation, they may not be yours at all, but ones unconsciously adopted from others. Be aware of your thoughts and what may be influencing them. Challenge them and choose ones that support your goals and dreams.Brace Yourself
  3. Empower yourself: Listen to your gut instinct. What is it that you want? Others may have conditioned you to believe that they know what you need better than you do. Even if you make mistakes, they are your learning experiences that will make you stronger and more resilient in the long run. If a butterfly is assisted out of its cocoon when it is hatching it does not survive as it does not develop the strength it needs. So too it is with you – your experiences are your experiences. These help you to learn and grow. Create space in your life where you go beyond the chatter of your mind, by meditating, taking a walk on the beach or in nature, get away from technology for a while. Learn to listen and act on your inner guidance. Trust yourself. Life is a journey, and you can take control of the direction it heads.
  4. Take responsibility: for the things that are important to you, such as your feelings, your money, and your health. Caring for yourself is a sign of independence and high self-esteem which is different from the ego which puts itself first at the expense of others! Lovingly taken care of and value your magnificent self. Get organised, so you are not doing things the long hard way due to disorganisation. Clean your room, file your paperwork and resolve any issues as they occur. Rather than having unresolved things weighing you down, you will be free to flow in the present moment.Yourself
  5. Value yourself: you are worthy of love. Giving and receiving equally create balance and harmony. Share your gifts and talents to elevate the world and to express your joy. When you do not feel worthy, you can subconsciously block love – which is your birthright, your natural state. Express your joy and passion and allow goodness to flow into your life.

Finding yourself is a process of self-actualization. Become a full expression of yourself by increasing your self-awareness and focusing your thoughts to create the life you want. The journey itself can be challenging as you move through any areas of resistance but mostly enlightening as you grow and expand in peace and contentment.

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