The Magic of Partnerships

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by Deborah Fairfull

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In a romantic relationship after the “honeymoon” phase has worn off, it can be easy to fall into the pattern of reaction and blame with those we love the most! However by disciplining our mind and tuning into how we feel about things we can reclaim our power and use any reactive feelings to connect on a deeper level. The first step in this process is to tap into and use our awareness.

Our awareness is what gives us the ability to be powerful creators. We can focus very broadly, being aware of everything in the room, or we can intently focus our awareness on one thing.

Focusing our awareness is powerful and supportive when we are focusing on the things we want to happen. However, life force energy does not discriminate, and awareness can be equally powerful in manifesting the things we do not want to occur when we focus very intently on the things we don’t want to happen.

In our partnerships, such as a marriage, it can be very powerful to focus our energy on the things that we do want to create together. Setting our intentions helps direct the marriage in a way we would like to see it evolve, rather than negative thoughts and emotions taking us down a path we don’t want to.

Setting goals in our marriages, for example, gets our expectations out of our heads and down on paper. It is then that it is possible for both parties to shape the direction of their lives about the areas they share together.

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When things are defined, there is more clarity within our relationships, and it’s easier for us to be moving in the same direction together. Otherwise, it can be entirely possible to be thinking something is important for our partners and it may not be a priority for them at all.

Together, with the merging and melding of our ideas, it is possible to come up with something greater than what we can think of alone. I believe that one plus one equals three. Our energy combined merges into something far greater than the two of us combined!!

In this process, if we learn to let go of our fears, while setting our intent and remain open to the power of the universe, or unlimited possibilities, we can create a life far more magical than we can imagine.

For example, in my late twenties, I set the goal with my husband that I would like to live in a six-bedroom house on the beach. I then let go of the goal, instead focusing on doing work that I loved. Six years later, I was living in one of the most beautiful suburbs in my six-bedroom house right near a beautiful secluded beach and park. My home was far beyond what I imagined for myself when I set my goals!

Creating a set of combined goals in our relationship underpins a connection based on love rather than fear. Setting goals focuses us on what we want, rather than unconsciously reacting and trying to cope with external situations. Together, we can be even more powerful creators than we are alone.

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