How to Connect with Your Male Partner

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We all want to connect with our romantic partner to create a wonderful relationship. However sometimes despite our best efforts, we can end up feeling more disconnected and lonely than ever. We all know that women and men have specific requirements to keep their hearts open when in a relationship.

Tips to Keep your Relationship Alive:

  • Trust your man—as trust is the foundation of a relationship. To create a loving relationship, trust and let him know that he is trusted unless of course, he is doing things that are untrustworthy. If so, that issue would have to be confronted and work through it. Women may have been hurt by men physically or emotionally in the past. In such cases, it is possible for a woman to develop the skills to see beyond their past experiences and learn to trust men again. If a man can be trusted—let him know often. Our intuition is our best guide when it comes to knowing whether it is safe or not to trust in a relationship.
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  • Express lots of praise and appreciation towards your man as he loves his woman to be happy—letting him know that he is doing a great job and why keeps loving energy flowing between you.
  • Appreciate his masculinity as this also allows the feminine to shine. When a man’s, masculinity is appreciated, rather than worked against, each partner can draw on their strengths.
  • Appreciate his differences and what he brings to the relationship, rather than seeing them as liabilities. Differences are what make us all unique and give us character. My husband and I are very different, and I feel this is a gift for ourselves and our children, as we are exposed to different opportunities and ways of doing things.Being different is fine, however having similar values can be important in how connected partners feel. For example, if one person highly values honesty and the other doesn’t then it is more likely to be difficult for the relationship to work.
  • Inspire his feeling state, as a man loves a woman’s ability to reconnect him with his feelings. It is important to note how this is done, makes all the difference. Women can be frustrated by a man’s perceived lack or emotionality, telling them that they need to be “more feeling.” However, leading with love and allowing your man the space to work out how he feels is more effective.
  • Be present as a woman that is being there with an open heart and energetically allows men to do the same. Asking our partners how they “feel” about things and talking about how we feel about how he thinks helps a man to connect to his “feeling” body. Love is a feeling.
  • Touch him as most men find touch makes them feel cherished and connected to a woman. Touch includes lots of non-sexual touch such as holding hands, big heart to heart hugs all help him to relax into love. Looking into a man’s eyes, while more an energetic touch can help to open his heart.
  • Never, ever criticise. Criticism instantly closes a man’s heart. Even constructive feedback is only effective if done in a very loving way. If feeling reactive, wait until you feel emotionally centred again and then talk about the situation. Expressing ourselves in fearful and negative ways leads to more fear and negativity for both parties.
  • Admire him for any gifts and kind deeds he has brought to the relationship. Endorsing this behaviour will lead to more of the same. Where focus goes energy flows.
  • Never rescue him when he is having a difficult time, try not to fix or advise unless he asks for it. Instead, give verbal or energetic (or both) support that he has all the skills, strength and wisdom to sort out any challenges.

A relationship can be for the long haul. When we are in a committed relationship, we have committed to not run at the first challenge or difficulty. We have made a commitment to ourselves and our partner that we will work through these things. It is not always easy! However when things are not working, trying a different approach or a new way can make a huge difference to whether we stay stuck in the same old situation or move forward in a new and exciting way.

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