Our Words are our Wand

wooden blocks detailing word smile
by Helena Popovic

Playing simple mind games with ourselves is one of the most powerful ways to improve the quality of our lives. At the start of every day, ask yourself the following questions. Make this a daily habit for the rest of your life and watch the magic happen!

On Monday ask: ‘What Magic can I create this Monday?’

On Tuesday ask: ‘What will be Terrific about Tuesday?’

On Wednesday ask: ‘How can I put the Wow in Wednesday?’

On Thursday ask: ‘What am I Thankful for this Thursday?’

On Friday ask: ‘What will be Fabulous about Friday?’

On Saturday ask: ‘What will I Savour this Saturday?’

On Sunday ask: ‘What will be Special about this Sunday?’

Ask yourself the question several times throughout each day – as often as you think of it. Bring an attitude of genuine curiosity to the question. You aren’t forcing anything to happen, you’re simply wondering what will be Wow about this Wednesday.

This isn’t positive thinking, it’s possibility thinking. It’s more powerful than positive thinking because you’re changing the filter through which you view each day. You’re playing with your perceptions so that you’ll start to notice how you can create Magic every Monday. Even on the most challenging, nerve-wracking, deadline-driven days, Magic can happen. 

Then at the end of each day, reflect back and answer the question for that day i.e. What Magic did I create this Monday? What was Terrific about this Tuesday?

Watch how your Words become your Wand.

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