Receiving Love

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by Blisspot Wellbeing

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How we see love effects, our experience of love. Our beliefs create our perception of love and the world around us. Our beliefs—determined by the thoughts we consistently hold—determine the course of our life, just as a rudder determines the course of a ship. When it comes to beliefs, I believe we owe it to ourselves, to hold the most exciting, supportive and loving beliefs possible! While this concept seems great in theory, in fact, it can be more difficult in reality, due to our unconscious mind!

Our unconscious mind forms a large part of our energetic system, as we are 90% unconscious and 10% conscious–our conscious mind is just like the small tip of the iceberg. The more conscious we become during our life, generally, the happier we feel. Consciousness allows us CHOOSE our life deliberately rather than our unconsciousness driving our behaviour resulting in us ending up in a situation we do not desire.

When it comes to love as an intellectual concept we all know that we want it and need it, however searching for love outside ourselves is not the source of true happiness because we are in fact our love. As we already possess the very thing we are looking for, love can remain elusive when searching externally, as we are looking in the wrong place. Our unconscious beliefs or conditioning (repeated experiences that we had in our past) are stopping us from experiencing or feeling our natural loving state.

It is possible to transition from thinking about the concept of love to feeling it in every cell of your body (awakening) and knowing that you are love.

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To do this:

  1. Observe your thoughts when you feel pain, stress or tension.
  2. Focus in on the discomfort in the body as it can be a sign of unloving thoughts.
  3. Unloving thoughts towards ourselves can prevent you from experiencing the love within yourself as you can unconsciously sabotage yourself by the unconscious beliefs you hold around love.
  4. Due to your conditioning, it is possible to carry beliefs about love that do not support you. Beliefs such as love is hurtful, jealous, controlling, conditional, disappointing or even at some deep unconscious level believing that you are not worthy of love. Of course, you would never consciously hold these beliefs however when you hold them unconsciously they prevent you from experiencing love in its fullest expanded glorious version.
  5. Change any unsupportive thoughts about love to ones such as love is: joyous, supportive, kind, caring, empathetic, trusting, having faith and unconditional, for example.

The great news is that any discomfort you experience in your internal world is a wonderful opportunity to make the necessary changes to experience the joy of your natural loving state. When you are aware of what your thoughts are, you can change them, and this will change how you feel. Whatever we feel internal is a match to what you will experience in the external world.

A loving or awakened state you feel connected, loving and relaxed. In this state, it is impossible to create pain or suffering to another as you feel so connected it would be like harming yourself. You owe it to yourself and those around you, to hold the best beliefs possible for your highest good. When you radiate love out into the world that is what is reflected back to you—joy, love, peace, and happiness.

You are not in the world the world is in you

~ The Vedas

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