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Your intuition is your internal guidance system guiding you on a safe and happy journey throughout life! It is possible to spend a lifetime trying to follow something or someone to unlock the key to your happiness. It is common to search for happiness in another person or to think that happiness comes from somewhere out there. What people are looking for has been inside them the whole time! There have been many movies written with this underlying theme.

Happiness does come from within. Your intuition is always right for you—it is never wrong! It is the voice inside you that guides you safely on your journey throughout life—just like your personal GPS. I have never met a person who has ever regretted following his or her intuition. However, I have met many people in my clinic who have regretted not following their intuition. Usually, they have let their head or should voice override what their intuition or heart is telling them.

When you put other people’s opinions—the government, gurus, or other experts—ahead of what you want to do, you are not listening to your intuition. Alternatively, you may believe it is your intuition that you are listening to when it is fear. If you are saying, “I should do this, or that,” usually it is fear-based, perhaps to keep other people happy, to maintain appearances, or to be like, for example.

Know Your Intuition

When you say, “This is what I want to do,” or “I’d love to do that,” it is usually coming from your intuition. If it is the right decision for you, generally it is the right decision for everyone around you. Doing what is right for you set a good example for everyone else to do the same and is also referred to as modelling. The world would be a very happy place if everyone did what made them happy. When you are happy, generally you are more giving, supportive, and kind.

Aspects of your intuition are:

  1. Know your intuition. Learn to be aware of it. It may speak to you in words as your inner voice, or you may feel it as sensations in your body such as your gut feeling or goosebumps. Be mindful of the difference between a reaction, where your body’s survival system is telling you that something from your past needs healing, and a response, where your intuition is guiding you.
  2. Trust your intuition. When you are in touch with your intuition, trust that it is right for you. Sometimes you may be aware of your intuition but not trust it. It is your guidance system, personally designed to take care of you—for life. Have faith in yourself and trust your intuition.

Trust Your Intuition

  1. Act on your intuition. Do what your intuition tells you and your life will begin to flow. If you don’t take action, you may find yourself stuck in the same old situation, feeling frustrated. When you act on your intuition, happiness is one of the benefits of its guidance.
  2. Speak from your intuition. Your intuition is what is true for you or your truth. Your intuition comes from your heart—a loving place. When you speak your truth, the quality of your life improves, as you are congruent in what you think, feel, and say. Ideally, you will process your emotions as you go (rather than repress or suppress them) and develop the skills to say how you feel in an appropriate way at the moment. To do this effectively, you have to know you are responding rather than reacting to events. Unless you can say what is important to you, it is easy to be misunderstood by others and possibly find yourself in situations that are not right for you.

Be proactive and consciously go out and create the life you want, guided by your intuition. If you sit back and wait for things to happen without your input, you could be waiting for a long time! Your intuition will tell you when to act and when to hold back; when you are doing too much and when you need to rest; what is beneficial to you and what is not. By listening to your intuition, you’ll know moment to moment, what is right for you. It can guide you through even the most difficult challenges you may face. Rather than a life based on stress and pressure, your intuition can facilitate your life unfolding in a natural, flowing way.

Your intuition is always right for you.

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