Accessing mindfulness during a busy day

by Fiona Harbour

During a busy day, it’s wonderful to take some time out to balance yourself.  By centering ourselves and reconnecting with our inner core essence, we are also able to make decisions that are truly right for us, and our loved ones. But sometimes there isn’t time to do this during a crazy busy day. Our business or life decisions are made on the fly as the world spins around us and we are caught in the thick of things.

The solution is to practice balancing and centering on a daily basis with a mindfulness practice. Then, when you are in stressful situations or making decisions on the fly, you will be better off even if you can’t take time right then to balance yourself with a timeout for your usual techniques.

This will increase your overall ability to find tranquility even when your day gets tough and busy. And to be in touch with your own intuition during your day.

So it is best to have a daily mindfulness practice. This will help you to reconnect with your inner core essence, find balance, and centre yourself, even if your mindfulness practice is for small amounts of time.

Think of it as building a muscle. The more you use that muscle, the stronger it will be, and the more useful you will find it.  When the world feels like it is hurtling past and you find yourself in the thick of things, you will discover that having a daily mindfulness practice or daily ritual of centering yourself in some way, means that when stressful situations crop up or major decisions need to be quickly made, your inner core essence, intuition, and sense of balance, are more accessible for you. You will be more able to find tranquility even in the midst of a hectic day.  You don’t have to spend a lot of time each day on your mindfulness practice. Just spend as long as you can manage.

To learn more about reconnecting with your inner essence and having a greater sense of well-being see: Meditations for New Beginnings

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