Learn How to Let Go of Negativity

by Vance Larson

I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday. She was telling me that the day before was the worst. She went on to say that she spilled her coffee on the way into work. To make matters worse, she left her wallet at the coffee shop. When she got to work, there was a unexpected meeting called. I listened to her for 30 minutes. It was exhausting to me, so I am sure that it was exhausting to her as well. I looked at her and said, “well how are you doing today?” Great! She said. She had a cup of coffee in her hand, was able to pick up her wallet after work. And, the meeting went off without any problems. I said, “then why are you talking about your problems of yesterday?”

I am all for being supportive and letting a friend vent. What I will not do is participate in creating unhealthy patterns. My friend is great, but she has a tendency to relive over and over again the negative experiences of the yesterdays. I am talking about the little stuff that we turn into the big stuff. I told her that she was caught in (what I call) morning mourning. Morning mourning is when you wake up and your first thought is how terrible yesterday was. You play the scenario over in your head. Meanwhile, you have given no thought of today. You are stuck in mourning in the morning. It’s a new day. Set your intention and go and create something beautiful with it.

It’s a new day to work the problem. Not let the problem work you.

No one is exempt of bad days. Lord knows I’m not but you would probably never know. Why? Because I don’t mourn in the morn. I get that there are days where you want to turn off the phone, get in bed and pull the blanket over your head and if you can, do it. However, don’t wake up the following day stuck in that negative mindset. You survived. Those thing that happened yesterday, can’t touch you today. I know, sometimes they can. While that is true, it’s a new day to work the problem. Not let the problem work you.

What I am talking about are the little things here. There will be life changing events that we will have to deal with for quite some time. However we’re speaking of those little things, when added up, seem to overwhelm us. Don’t get caught mourning in the morning. It is a trap for when we do, when something big comes along, it will devastate us. Cultivate the mindset of gratitude and if gratitude is too much for you to process, then work the problem the best you can. Don’t just talk about it. Talk inflates. Working it deflates.

Morning mourning. Let it go. Don’t rob yourself of the endless possibilities of today.

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