How to Live an Extraordinary Life

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by Sergei VanBellinghen

How to live an extraordinary life is one of the best examples of how your destiny is determined by your decisions, and your existence shaped by your choices. The simplest formula for creating and living an exceptional way of life is to have a purpose or a reason for being. Whatever yours is!

But how do you use purpose to create an extraordinary life? Do you feel committed or just interested? Where do you find your sense of completion?

Who you are and where you want to go determine what you do and what you accomplish. You cannot win battles, even less the war, if you do not conquer your own mind first. 99% of people are not willing to do what it takes to make their dreams come true. And that is to your advantage.

In truth, living an extraordinary life comes down to the mental than the physical aspect of things. The first and last hour of each day sets the tone for what you are going to do next. You have to discipline, push and love yourself. Too many people chose immediate gratification instead of the exchange of long-term self-respect and success.

Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die ~ US Marine Corps

What Leads to an Extraordinary Life

So, the road to living an extraordinary life is through a reason for being, a purpose and a strong self-discipline. And yes, there will be days where you will ask yourself: “Where all of this going? Is this all there is? What is the purpose?”

You might convince yourself that your sense of completion might be over the horizon or around the next corner. But you must realize that the effect you have on others, on animals or on the planet is the most valuable currency there is.

When you work towards something greater than yourself, it can have an enormous impact. You find meaning in your life which in turn provides you with an extraordinary existence. All life is interrelated. We are all bound together and created by the same energy that makes this universe.

Under the sky, under the heaven, there is but one family. It just so happened that people are different ~ Bruce Lee

Committed or Just Interested

Are you just interested in achieving your life’s goals and dreams or are you committed to accomplishing them? The answer makes all the difference in the world if you want to live an extraordinary life. And the reason being is that if you are only interested, you will only do what is convenient.

If you do, you will believe your stories and excuses, and continue to be a victim of your current reality and circumstances. You will come up with all the reasons why you cannot achieve your goals. And that is what you will be focusing on for the rest of your life instead of following your heart.

But if on the other hand, when you are committed, you will do whatever it takes. And you will start today to let go of your excuses and reasons why you cannot realize any of your goals and dreams. When you are committed, you upgrade your knowledge and your skills. Therefore, you come in every single day with an invincible will and figure out how you can reach your objectives.

Creating an Extraordinary Life

And I agree; it is hard to let go of all the reasons why you cannot. But if you do not free yourself, you will never learn how to create and live an extraordinary life. The thing I can tell you is that if you make a commitment and see it through, you will exceed beyond your expectations.

Now, you need to develop a plan for how you are going to accomplish your goals and find your life’s purpose. So, write down your goals for every area of your life, and when you want to achieve each of them by. Finally, add three action steps:

  1. First: What do I need to learn?
  2. Second: What do I need to believe?
  3. Third: What do I need to do?

Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself ~ George Bernard Shaw

Action, Perseverance, and Conviction

And now, begin completing those things by taking small or big actions daily, weekly, monthly. Be consistent. Put a specific timeline on when they will be achieved. If you do, you are going to be the type of person that lives an extraordinary life versus the person who hopes and prays that it becomes a reality.

But you and I are part of a larger self. And yes, your purpose or reason for being here might be different than mine. But it does not matter. Deep down inside of you live a hero who wants to do something great with your life, inspire others, do creative work or change the world.

So, a purpose is the fastest path to power and the ultimate source of personal strength to live an extraordinary life. It gives you the ability to persevere and have conviction. If you want exceptional results, the prescription is to know what matters to you. And then take daily doses of actions in alignment with it.

How to Live an Extraordinary Life

When you have a definite reason for being in your life, clarity comes faster. It leads to more conviction which usually leads to quicker decisions. And when you make faster decisions, you often end up with the best choices and opportunity for optimal experiences.

So, a purpose leads you to the best possible outcomes and encounters existence has to offer. It also helps you when things do not go your way. Life gets tough at times and there is no way around it. We all experience this, so pay close attention to your feelings.

Thus, sticking with something long enough for success to show up is an essential requirement to reach exceptional results. Purpose provides the ultimate glue to live an extraordinary life. When you follow your reason for living, your life matches the sound in your mind, soul, and heart.

When you are convinced that your cause is right, have the courage to take a stand. Use your mind, hands, and heart to build something bigger than yourself. That is how to live an extraordinary life! So, if you see a problem or an injustice, recognize that no one will fix it but you.

Choose Wisely

Too often, people think that someone else is going to do it but they are not. So you have to take action. After you attained financial success, you have only one thing left. And it is following your purpose in life which is the purest form of joy. It will bring you more satisfaction than anything else you have ever done.

In time, everything you gain in life will decay and fall apart. And all that will be left of you will be what is in your heart. When you come down to it, you have only two choices: love or fear. Choose wisely and do not ever let fear turn you against your playful heart. So, decide today to live an extraordinary life.

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