The Universe Has Got Your Back

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by Rosina S Khan

Quieting the mind allows your mind to calm down and you can find space in between your thoughts.

Let your thoughts run their course by observing them. Your mind will let go of any restlessness until it becomes at one with your body. It will become easier with practice and the more you practice, the easier it will become!

Once you feel in a calm, still state, focus on your most burning questions and let go of them. You can then forget about them until the Universe/Your Intuition/Inner Wisdom (whatever you prefer to call it) will deliver you the answer. It whispers rather than shouts; so train your mind to be quiet enough to hear. Pretty cool, right?

Quieting the mind is actually the key to meditation and this process takes less time and effort with practice. The whole process could take as little as two minutes in your daily life. While many people do like to meditate as a part of their daily routine, the method I suggest is for people who do not have time to meditate for longer periods.

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This two-minute ritual has worked for me and it can be done anytime, anywhere, and I have personally had life-changing results.

Why does quieting the mind bring so many great rewards? Getting into a calm, still state, feeling at one with your body, concentrating on your burning question and receiving an answer become effective, as you get detached from the process. For example, you may want to know whether you will land a dream career or partner. This can be possible if you concentrate on the why(s) of your question for a few seconds and leave the rest to the universe. The key is to believe in yourself and that you are worthy of receiving what you desire.

When you are bombarded with thoughts that fuel anxiety, stress or frustration, the “quieting your mind” ritual will help you to settle a turbulent mind and you will feel calm allowing you to co-create with The Universe.

Enjoy the rest of your day knowing that the Universe has got your back.

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7 thoughts on “The Universe Has Got Your Back”

  1. Rosina S Khan

    A still, calm mind is possible with practice that also for a short time. Our minds are always bombarded with thoughts every single moment but when you want to silence your mind for as short as two minutes by keeping still, yes you can do it and take advantage. It is possible, Kathryn.

  2. Deborah Fairfull

    Meditation is a wonderful tool to calm your mind, giving you greater clarity to make the best decisions for yourself as when your mind is calm you are more likely to hear your intuition.

  3. Rosina S Khan

    True, Dr Bruce. My original title was “Silencing the mind” and has got through many edits by many writers until the final title took form. Anyway I do agree with you we need to look inside ourselves to find answers.

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