How I Healed Myself

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by Carole Edmunds

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So we’ve all heard about spontaneous healings. We’ve read about Dr Emoto’s water crystal experiment—how human emotions altered water molecules (if not google it—fascinating). We’ve probably read books, read the quotes, attended the workshops. We know our thoughts affect our lives. We all know how this works in theory, but how do we put it into practice when faced with a major health challenge?

Faced with my serious health challenge I knew I had to not just talk the talk but walk the walk! You see one sunny day in Queenstown, New Zealand I was showing off, tried to ride up a steep hill & tore my calf muscle. To cut a long story short, four days later at home in Sydney at my local Physio I was strongly advised to head to the Doctors, as she suspected I might have DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). I wasn’t too fazed, popped to the doctor who said: “off to an ultrasound please,” and yes I had a 10cm DVT in my calf.

As it was heavily bruised, I wasn’t able to take blood thinners. I just had to have weekly ultrasounds, put on one of those charming, sexy, thick, very uncomfortable compression stockings and alternate elevation with small movement exercises. Hopefully, in around 4 to 6 months it would go, without well breaking down, heading into my blood system to my heart or lungs and if so then let’s just say, maybe I wouldn’t be here typing this blog right now!

It was January, hot as a sauna; I was meant to be having summer sunshine lazy beach days, not sitting on the couch! I confess I had a bit of a pity party for a few days. Then, of course, I just thought “what am I doing’? I know better than this! Ok, out with the negative thoughts, in with the healing ones. I thought what a great gift of time this is. I can read, study, meditate and be lazy without guilt. I got out my crystals; used Reiki & Seraphim Angel Life force healing energy; practiced by Crystal Light Healing on myself; called on Archangel Chamuel (who calms the mind, assists with understanding emotions behind physical conditions & negative mental chatter); called on my own team of Angels & Guides for assistance; meditated and just kept thinking dissolve, dissolve, dissolve.

Healing Yourself

Every hour of every day was devoted to healing myself. Every time a negative thought about my mortality crept into my mind I replaced it immediately with an image of myself in full health. I kept being optimistic, cheerful & didn’t buy into any drama around the situation or let anyone else get dramatic either. I also didn’t let on to anyone but a close family that I had this condition. I kept my life as normal as possible.

For the first two weeks, the ultrasounds showed no change to the size of the DVT. However, everyone from the ultrasound operators, the specialist doctors who did the weekly reports to my GP said that this was to be expected and it would take some time. I did not accept this or program it into my thinking. I just kept on with the positive thoughts & feeling positive as well to elevate the healing vibration, continued with my meditation, healing program & relaxed.  I got the ok on week three that I could go to the pool & gently walk or swim. Not overjoyed at this, as I’m not a water baby, I embraced this as normal and went with it, affirming how healthy I was. It also meant I was back doing normal stuff too like the washing!

Week three to everyone’s amazement and my joy, the DVT had reduced by 2cms. Every week the ultrasound showed an improvement, until week ten it had disappeared.  This in itself, was unusual as often the DVT leaves scarring in the veins, which shows as a small dot on the ultrasound but no, nothing was found. 

I knew that for me this DVT was a test of my faith, trust and knowing that I have, i.e. that this result could be achieved (& probably achieved even faster if I’d mastered my thoughts and accessed my ideal health straight away). Perhaps next time the aim is for instant, spontaneous healing not healing in 10 weeks! I did spend every hour of every day for ten weeks focusing on nothing but healing myself.

Oh, and by the way, I started walking just 25 metres in the pool, by thinking this is easy, I can swim, I love this! By week 10 I was easily doing eight laps of the Olympic pool at North Sydney, and I genuinely loved it. Yes, I looked lame with my hat, sunglasses, in the slow lane doing breaststroke with my head above water the whole time, but hey no pride when faced with walking the walk or should I say swimming the swim!

Note: With serious health issues such as Deep Vein Thrombosis always work in conjunction with a medical practitioner as I did. 

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