Give Affirmations a Chance

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by Fiona Harbour

An Affirmation is essential to your spiritual mind

If you haven’t already tried it, give affirmations a chance and reap the benefits they can bring.  An affirmation, or a positive short phrase or sentence that we say to ourselves and then repeat throughout the day as needed, is reassuring. It provides reassurance to us that we have some control over our realities and that by repeating the affirmation, we can affect a very real outcome.

Affirmations help to change the wiring of our brain’s pathways so that we can begin thinking in a more positive way. Affirmations break the pattern of negative thinking that we may be stuck in, and the too often accompanying words and phrases that go along with it. 

You will also find affirmations helpful to keep important things in perspective which may otherwise get lost in your daily shuffle. Whether you are working to bring about a specific goal or looking to have more positivity and gratitude in your life overall, affirmations can be an important tool in your spiritual toolbox. 

How to start new affirmations

You can google for affirmations to use or you can write your own. I would suggest a simple basic meditation technique be practised first for a few minutes to balance yourself and get in the right “head space”. Then write 5 or 10 affirmations that you can use daily. Don’t judge or edit, just write the first things that come to mind.  Pick your favourites and then you are all set.

Each day repeat your affirmation slowly and mindfully. If you can try a few minutes of meditation first that is great, otherwise just take a few deep slow breaths first. Don’t rush your affirmations, say them mindfully and slowly and try to “feel” them with your whole being as you say them.

It takes time to begin a new habit, especially one that involves changing the way that we think about something. Don’t lose heart if you don’t take to the daily affirmations right away. Just keep on with your new affirmations practice and over time it will become something that you miss if you skip it in your daily routine.  You may wish to sit down and write new affirmations regularly as your needs and thought patterns or events in your life change.  It is important to find what works for you. And most importantly, enjoy yourself.

Below are a few simple affirmations to get you started:

  1. Today is a new day with new opportunities.
  2. I am a being of light and happiness, I will hold that throughout the day.
  3. I am in control of my own choices and the words that I speak.
  4. I am grateful for my family and loved ones and the time that I have with them today.

Journal Exercise: Write 5 or 10 affirmations that you can use daily. Don’t judge or edit, just write the first things that come to mind.  Pick your favorites and then you are all set.

To learn more about deepening your spiritual connection and having a greater sense of well-being see: Meditations for New Beginnings

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