How to Deal with Jealousy or Malicious Intent with Respect

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by Vance Larson

Name calling is the preferred weapon of the weak. The minute someone calls you a name, you must not be tempted to reply. That behavior, breeds ongoing turmoil. You can’t win. Reminds me of the great line in the movie War Of The Roses, regarding divorce. “There is no winning. Only degrees of losing.” When someone calls you a name, and you respond, you both lose. However, if you don’t, know that you’ve already won.

Name calling like lying, is an act of desperation. Desperate people will hurl insults at you because they can’t match your integrity. So, they try to entrap you into a cesspool, so you come out smelling like sewage. If you don’t jump in, your truth will keep you fresh as a country breeze, for truth cleanses all that hold it within. Be that container of truth. Seek not revenge for revenge is nothing but arrogance. Truth on the other hand is liberating. It is the very thread that propels us to a higher level.

Truth cleanses all that hold it within.

We need not be concerned with acts and words of jealousy or malicious intent. Your truth is exactly that. Your truth. No explanation is needed. No justification is warranted. If it makes sense to you and you own it, you are indestructible. Trying to justify your truth, is like trying to justify your religion. It won’t work. In addition, it won’t invalidate another’s. All one would need to do is look on social media. The trolling and name calling can very easily get out of hand. Don’t buy into it. Your truth only weakens when you buy into untruths and name calling. It is possible to disagree and still be cordial.

Your truth only weakens when you buy into untruths and name calling.

I was recently asked how can I be friends with some of the people I have on FaceBook? Good question, as I am friends with politicians to porn stars. People on the left and people on the right. The two most common ones I get are Trump supporters and meat eaters (I am not a fan of Trump and have been a vegetarian for 35 years). What I find interesting is, the people I have the most in common with, sometimes feel betrayed because I can actually be friends with those of different opinions. But to answer that question. I can be friends with them, because they are good people, and know the value of respect. Isn’t life hard enough with us trying to impose our beliefs?

It is possible to disagree and still be cordial.

I am a big fan of letting my silence talk for me. For words do not amount to as much as actions do. When they sling an insult, take a deep breath, smile and know that you’ve already won. The strong do not go out of their way to show their strength. Only the insecure feel the need to prove themselves.

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