We Don’t See with Our Eyes, We See with Our Brain

by Helena Popovic

Our beliefs and expectations create a filter through which we perceive everything in our lives — especially our own strengths and abilities. Our brain then programs our bodies to respond accordingly.

Man in library holding a bookIn an experiment to test whether we’re able to change our self image, participants aged between 61 and 99 were invited to play a computer game. During the game, positive age-related words — such as wise, astute, insightful, knowledgable, experienced —  were flashed very quickly across the screen. It was too fast for people to read what they saw but their brain was able to register the words nonetheless. After four sessions, the participants’ physical wellbeing, mobility, and perceptions of ageing all significantly improved — more so than a comparable group of people who’d been attending a six month exercise program without any attempts to change their attitude.

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