Transform Suffering into Joy

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Everything is energy, and we are all energy. Energy affects how we feel and consequently our moods. When we feel heavy, we can be experiencing feelings of sadness or disappointment, for example. We may even feel depressed as we are holding down feelings we do not want to feel, and this takes a lot of energy (this is known as suppression). When we feel light energetically, emotions are flowing through us freely, even the ones we may not want to experience such as disappointment and hurt. Feeling light energetically occurs when we don’t resist any feelings, even the ones we may find more difficult to experience. All pain is resistance to what is.

When we feel heavy in our body, often our heart is closed down to some degree, and we may feel less connected to those around us. To transcend this way of being, it can be useful to practice mindfulness, where we learn to accept and observe the energy in our body, we allow it to pass through us. This allows us to connect to our innate sense of well-being. Devoting just five minutes a day a mindfulness process, can make a huge difference to how we feel for the rest of the day.

Our sense of heaviness generally comes from taking on thoughts and opinions from others that don’t really belong to us. If others are not seeing us as divine, gorgeous and loving, they are not seeing the real us. It is normal when we are young and operating from a wide-open heart space to take on thoughts and opinions from others (often well-meaning) that do not belong to us. We can take on worries, anxieties and limiting beliefs from our mother, father, extended family, teachers and caregivers for example, without the awareness that they are their thoughts and beliefs. We then falsely accept them as our own.

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Use mindfulness to transform suffering into joy by:

  1. Adopting a comfortable meditative position.
  2. Closing your eyes and drawing your awareness to your body.
  3. Notice any heaviness in your body and accept it, exactly as it is! This non-judgemental observation of your energetic body allows the energy to flow freely and your sense of well-being to return.
  4. In a state of well-being, you naturally feel lighter and more connected to your innate sense of joy, peace, harmony, compassion, understanding and appreciation, for example. Consciously feel these beautiful states and use them to nurture and heal any residual tension within your body or to enhance your sense of well-being.

If a feeling of heaviness returns, repeat the process. Over time, this helps us to transcend any conditioning, (that it all the thoughts and beliefs that we have taken on from others (often well-meaning). These heavy thoughts and beliefs that are not the truth disconnect us from our natural state of well-being and happiness. When we feel light and free, it is a powerful sign that we are connected to the truth, as we are thinking thoughts that support us in being in our natural, divine and loving state.

If light is in your heart, you will find your way home.

~ Rumi

When we can manage our energetic state and free ourselves from suffering, it is the best gift we can ever give those around us. When we feel light and free within, we have more capacity to shine our light, work with and connect with others.

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This process can be very quick and powerful, even just five minutes of meditation can create transformation within our energetic body. If it takes longer, that is OK too, just go with the process. Ideally, we would engage in a mindfulness process for at least five minutes every day to be proactive in managing our energetic state; otherwise, it can manage us!

Pain and suffering are not normal. They are not our natural state, this is a limiting belief. It is a limiting belief, as it can prevent us from transcending the pain and stress that the unobserved mind can create. Fortunately, it is possible through mindfulness to transcend this way of being and live a light-filled life of joy and freedom.

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