Creating a Radiant Future

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by Blisspot Wellbeing

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Creating a radiant future for ourselves directly relates to how conscious we are. Our beliefs determine our reality. The more conscious we are, the more we can choose our beliefs rather than being driven by our unconscious patterns of behaviour.

Many years ago, I had little understanding of how my inner world related to my external world. After undertaking an intense inner voyage of discovery, I now understand the power of observing our unconscious stream of thinking. Observation allows us to go beyond any internal pain and fear the mind creates and instead live in our natural loving state.

From this state, we can allow ourselves to be a powerful, loving expression of life. We can work with life, rather than against it creating the life of our dreams. A huge, exciting shift is occurring in humanity right now as we move from unconscious to conscious beings.

This shift in conscious awareness underpins creating conscious relationships, which affects the culture of our families, communities, and countries. The flow on effect of consciousness, beginning within and radiating outwards, will ultimately create a world of peace and harmony.

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Anxiety, stress, and conflict will ease and ultimately become things of the past as these are all symptoms of a restless mind. In a conscious state, a state of love—it is impossible for us to hurt another as it would be like hurting ourselves.

As we move forward in an increasingly conscious way, with open minds and hearts, connecting with each other in peace and joy, we will be part of creating a radiant future—a new and harmonious way of living. Just as we can be very effective in creating what we don’t want unconsciously, we can be even more effective in creating what we want consciously.

Imagine our potential as powerful creators in creating what we do want—love is much more powerful than fear.

Bob Proctor says, “If you can hold it in your heart you can hold it in your hand.” Hold in your heart the most beautiful relationships you can imagine for yourself and allow your dreams to unfold.

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