Releasing Pain: Essential for Physical and Emotional Health

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by Dr. Margaret Paul

Pain that is stuck in your body can cause many physical and emotional problems, and blocks out the enlivening flow of love, peace and joy—the flow of Spirit.

Growing up, all of us had pain from the loneliness, grief, helplessness and heartbreak of rejection, loss and engulfment. As little ones, we could not manage these huge painful feelings, so we found ways to avoid feeling them, which resulted in storing them in our body.

As adults, these painful feelings get triggered when others are rejecting or controlling, or by other painful events and circumstances. If we continue to avoid feeling our painful feelings, they may eventually result in illness, failed relationships, and even more loneliness and heartbreak.

Embarking on a Healing Journey…

Embarking on an Inner Bonding healing journey means that you have become willing to feel these feelings as they come up, rather than continue to avoid them. But just feeling them is not enough to release them from your body. You also need to be willing to learn about any information your feelings have for you, and you need to be willing to learn new ways of managing these painful feelings so that you don’t keep storing them in your body.

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All stored feelings create blockages that cut off the free flow of Spirit—of love, aliveness, joy, peace and passion. The cost of avoiding feelings, and not learning to manage them through a spiritual connection, is the numbness and emptiness that many people live with, as well as the anxiety and depression that often result from protections against pain.

This is why it is vital to be open to the pain when it is triggered—to learn from it and consciously release it out of your body. The more you do this, the more the love, joy and peace that is Spirit fills your heart and soul.

Releasing Pain

Inner Bonding is an ideal process for releasing old pain and for managing current pain. The daily practice of embracing and learning from your feelings, opening to your Guidance for the truth and the loving actions, and taking the loving actions, is what develops the power of the loving adult. The more you practice Inner Bonding with minor painful feelings, the easier it becomes to manage the really big painful feelings from painful life events. Each time deep pain gets triggered, this is an opportunity to move toward it rather than away from it—to embrace it with the intent to learn, and then to be willing to release it to Spirit.


The Power of Intent

Being able to release pain is about your intent. When your intent is to learn to be loving to yourself, you embrace pain, learn from it, and then ask Spirit to take it from you and replace it with peace and acceptance. When you are willing to let it go, it will go. It is your willingness to release anything that is not in your highest good that allows the pain to be released out of your body.

True Empowerment

Being willing to release pain is the opposite of being a victim. When you are being a victim, you are coming from the belief that something external has to change for you to feel better—a person or situation has to change, and then you will move out of the pain that they or the situation is causing. When this is your belief, you then go about trying to control others and outcomes as your way of getting out of pain. Since you are helpless over others and outcomes, all this does is create more pain—the pain of helplessness and frustration over being stuck in pain.

When you become willing to take 100% responsibility for nurturing your pain and learning from it—learning the truth about the past, the truth about a current situation or person, and the truth about your own thoughts and actions that may be creating pain—then you can move into acceptance of how things are. It is this acceptance that enables you to then release the pain.

The joy, health and freedom you seek are the result of having the courage to feel, learn from, and release your pain, which opens your heart, soul and mind to the love, truth and joy of Spirit.

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