Overcoming Fear

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by Blisspot Wellbeing

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We can let our fear side-track us from the truly glorious life we are born to live. It is possible to spend our whole life looking for love, yet we are love. Pure, divine, love. When we recognise this and start to live our life as a loving expression, we are true to ourselves. When we become free from the fear the mind can create and begin to operate from our heart space, our whole life begins to change.

When we express love—this is what is reflected back to us. We may have to endure fearful situations; however, learning to deal with them lovingly is the best possible way. When challenges are met with fear, it can prolong or escalate the issue, fuelled by destructive thoughts. It is possible to transcend the mind so that we feel in control, rather than being controlled by the pain our mind can create. Pain is an illusion of the mind. Our natural state is love. We may find ourselves taken away from this state from time to time. With awareness, we can develop the skills to return to our loving self.

If we perceive others as anything other than love, chances are you do not see yourself from a loving viewpoint. When triggered or judge another it can be insightful to ask: “What is it that I am judging in myself?” Life is like a mirror, reflecting back to us, our internal world. When we lovingly forgive someone for the fault we perceive in him or her, we simultaneously forgive ourselves for our faults. Forgiveness helps us to return to our natural loving state. All faults are an illusion. They are our ego’s trick of judgement to keep us separate from freedom and love.

Our ego will tell you that being confused, in pain, stressed, anxious, depressed, struggling and needing more is just part of life. However, this is just a trick of our minds. Our perception of the world reflects how we feel internally. When we use life’s messages as a gift, by taking full, loving responsibility for our reactions, we have the opportunity to grow and, over time, come to experience and act from our natural state of love.

How to go beyond fear:

  1. Focus: on doing the things you love. Where focus goes energy flows. Expressing your innate gifts and talents automatically puts you in a loving state. You then radiate a warm, loving presence that is attractive and inviting for others to be near. When you are living your bliss, your joy it gives others permission to do the same. You set a shining example that is inspirational. There are enough joy and abundance for everyone on the planet—and we don’t help anyone by being “small”—love is limitless and loves to express itself through you when you do the things you love.
  2. Support: See the breath as love flowing in and out of your body, healing and nurturing any emotional pain. The breath—unlike your defences—is real, strong, safe, secure and ever present. It is a physical reminder of who you are! The breath connects you back to your loving nature and is what connects us to each other. Our breath reminds us that we are not alone but are always supported by loving energy. We just have to choose to let it in! Breathe deeply, regularly and consciously and you will!
  3. Accept: If others are reactive and angry, let them have their experience, and love them as they are. Do not buy into their fear. This is true unconditional love. The chances are that if you see yourself as reactive and angry at some unconscious level, and this is a wonderful opportunity to lovingly heal these parts of yourself. Love is always the answer. Consciously choose a loving perspective and don’t allow yourself to feel that you need to attack or feel defensive. When operating from love or truth, there is no need to defend or attack.

We want to feel love because we are love—innately our soul is calling us home. We just have to become attuned to the signs. Attempts to fill the emptiness inside by trying to connect to love externally ultimately lead to dissatisfaction and disappointment. True love, self-worth, and connection come from within. When our internal mantra is “I am love” then all the love reflected back to us is just a bonus to the love that we already are. The world we have created externally is a collective reflection of our internal world. As each of us truly owns our inherent divine loving nature—not just as an intellectual concept—we will embody love and know we are home.

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