Overcoming Difference in Relationships

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Men and women can tend to process things and view the world very differently. These differences and can create havoc within a relationship, leaving partners confused and just plain unhappy and can affect entire families. With the technology revolution and widespread access to relationship education, there is great support for couples to discover new ways to work together and overcome any differences

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According to relationship expert Michael Beckwith, women tend to judge things more by their heart and intuition and are happy to go along with new concepts or ideas, even before they seem logical. Women motivated by feelings of stress, anxiety or depression have been leading the personal growth revolution as they have been leaders in discovering different ways of doing things. Personal development has also generally been a more socially acceptable thing for women to do as “emotions” are seen as their domain!

Mostly, women have joined the personal development movement over the past 20 years or so, blossoming in their discoveries and knowing that kindness and compassion are the ways to evolve our planet. When their more logical husbands are not with them on this way of being, women can become frustrated and disillusioned with their relationship, feeling that their husbands aren’t in the “same place.”

Differences in emotional growth have led to widespread separation and confusion between couples. Certainly, when partners genuinely grow apart and would feel more fulfilled outside that relationship, separation can be the best thing. However, this path is best taken with caution, ensuring that life-changing decisions often involving entire families are made from a place of love rather than fear.

Regarding personal evolution, men have to examine something for a long period before they commit to it. They don’t want to be taken advantage of and want to be sure that they engage in something that is going to work for them.

The division between men and women is also influenced by our conditioning and cultural beliefs. Often women are viewed as emotional and intuitive, while men are seen as logical and rational. Of course, this may be true, but why limit ourselves because of our beliefs? Beliefs are self-fulfilling; if we believe something, then it will be true for us.

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It enhances our life when we hold the most loving, supportive beliefs possible. Why limit ourselves to being either emotional or logical if men and women have the capacity to be both? In fact, we all have the capacity to go beyond both thought and emotion and rest in a state of conscious awareness.

Michael Beckwith states that women will sometimes grow faster on their personal journey than men, as women may be more gullible than men who are more cynical. This is because a person who is open and makes a lot of mistakes grows faster than someone who is cynical and overly critical.

It is possible for women to be overly critical of their male partners for not “growing” in the same way as themselves. Criticism can be one of the greatest blocks to personal growth. Remember: just like plants, we flourish more rapidly, in a safe and nurturing environment. It’s the same way for our partners.

As women and men, we have a wonderful opportunity from a place of grace and presence to live a life beyond stress and suffering. From a place of resilience and love, we can connect in our relationships in a respectful and joyful way.

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