Meditation and Mind Direction with Intent

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by Julia Smith

The Pervasiveness of Stress in our Life

Stress is a widespread, insidious and negative experience for most people and it can control how you think and behave, as well as your health.

Stress is stored negative emotions from past events, which haven’t been processed, released or let go. These negative emotions become a hook or link to past memories, which become deeply ingrained and mould our personality into living a certain way. They control our reactions and behaviour and form part of the base of our belief systems.

Negative emotional links to past events convert into stress and are stored in our person mentally, emotionally, physically and etherically in our Human Energy System, until they are released. They instigate the lower emotional reactions such as anger, intolerance and rejection.

Imagine if you could easily release this stress in a non-confrontational way and feel completely relaxed and calm. The space created from no longer carrying this stress feels like freedom.

Imagine one step further, that if you were to fill that space with positive thinking and feeling, living the majority of the time from higher emotions such as happiness, willingness, acceptance and Love or Above.  Your life and how you make your decisions and how you interact with others would be much more pleasurable. You will much more easily embrace life. You get to know the “better you!”

At Inner Tranquillity & Peace we strongly recommend trying meditation and visualisation while in our sessions.  Release stress, calm the mind and direct your thoughts with positive intent.

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Meditation and Manifesting

Meditation is purely taking time out for yourself to be with your Self. To sit quietly and focus on allowing your mind to have time out from continually thinking and connect with your inner Knowing.

Many in Western Society haven’t connected with the beneficial effects of Meditation as they have not been trained in this activity since childhood and find it difficult, so they give up.  Like any new activity, it takes a little regular time to gain the experience and fine-tune the technique and then experience the benefits.

Meditation and manifesting go hand in hand. Clear mind, clear intent.

Manifesting is the idea that by visualising a clear picture of something and focussing your mind and intent on it, you can bring it into being.  As you reduce Automatic Negative Thinking (our Consciousness Program and Zero Point Field Programs help you with this) and regularly practice short meditations & visualizations with positive Intent you can gauge your manifesting ability by how quickly and easily you create events in your life, as you intended.

It is proven that regular Meditation has a wide range of beneficial effects including stress reduction and gaining the skill of greatly improving the direction your life takes through the refined art of you controlling what your mind focuses on most of the time. This includes setting clearly detailed goals, allowing the mind to do its real job focusing on manifesting the goal.

Meditation Course

Hearing Your Own Thoughts

Have you heard of the phrase “My mind is so busy I can hardly hear myself think”? Or maybe even the term ‘brainfry’?

Dealing with the information overload heaped on us every day in this world can be tough. You can’t process it all, convert it into something meaningful and respond to it because, to be honest, you wouldn’t get much sleep!

Training your mind to be clear and calm can be very difficult and sometimes it is easier just to keep on trucking and ignore the rising levels on your internal stress indicator. This is where the art of Meditation comes in.

To find your own path to inner peace, enrol in one of our Meditation Courses here.

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