How to Rise Above Stress

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by Blisspot Wellbeing

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It is the unexpected, unplanned events in our life that can turn our world upside down—leading to chaos, pressure, and stress! This can range from the bigger challenges such as bushfires, viruses, divorce or losing your house, to smaller challenges such as a nasty word from a friend or a work dispute, for example. If we know that things are going to be tough ahead of time, it is easier to prepare mentally for them. If a challenging event takes us by surprise, it can knock us off balance and sometimes we can find it difficult to get back up!

However when we change our perspective towards life, rather than reacting to the challenges that occur it is possible to develop real stability and freedom.

External events are so often BEYOND our control, and we can waste a lot of time and energy trying to change them. The one thing we have complete control over is our thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

Gain control of yourself by:

  1.  Accept that uncertainty is part of life

Acceptance helps us to transcend our fear around the unknown—to live in the mystery of life, to know that even though we can’t see it right now that things will work out for us. In fact, things are working out for us RIGHT NOW we just have to change our perception so we can see it! When we start to replace control with curiosity, any pressure and anxiety we are feeling will begin to dissipate, and our joy and spontaneity for life will return.

  1.  Learn to sit with the comfortability of the feeling, when you feel reactive.

Observe the feeling with love and compassion. This will allow the feeling to pass as it flows through our body, rather than being repressed or suppressed. When we learn to respond to OUR reactions in this way—it helps us respond to life in a way that is emotionally stable, allowing us to see things as they are—rather than being blinded by our emotions.

  1.  Learn to tune into your intuition

That is your wise, loving voice inside you, that helps you to make the right decisions for you. The decision may not be the popular decision according to other people’s opinion; it may be even completely different to the “norm”—however, if it is based on your truth, you will be living your life with integrity. This helps to ease any pressure and stress you may have been feeling. When you live and speak your truth, you feel good, and you will shine because of it.

So, there is no need to feel like a victim of pressure, stress and unexpected events in your life. It is possible to step into your empowered self and be the person you want to be, regardless of what is going on around you. In fact, turbulent times can be used as alchemy for change, to help you to develop more compassion, more love, and more peace. 

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