How to Access your Intuition

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by Blisspot Wellbeing

We all have it, but it is buried deeper in some of us than others. Your intuition is like a muscle; you have to use it, or you will lose it! The issue is; you cannot see your intuition as it is an energetic presence. It is the quiet voice within, or sometimes you will feel it as a gut instinct, a sense of foreboding or your hair standing up on your arms.

When the noise in your head is so loud, you can no longer hear what your intuition is saying to you. Sometimes you can hear it, but you don’t trust it, and even when you do trust it; you might not take action on what you hear!

Your intuition is your internal guidance system; like a GPS that guides you to have a safe and happy life! It is common to search for happiness in another person or to think that happiness comes from somewhere out there. What you are looking for has been inside you the whole time, so trust yourself and be confident in your intuition! Your intuition is always right for you!

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Know your intuition by creating stillness and space in your life. A noisy, worried or stressed mind can block your intuition. Quieten your mind so you can hear your intuition (see tip below). Be mindful of the difference between a reaction (see How to Respond Rather than React) from your body’s survival system, and a response, where your intuition is guiding you.
  2. Trust your intuition as it is always right for you. It is possible to be aware of your intuition but not trust it. Have faith in your intuition as it is custom made to take care of you on your journey through life.Be guided by your intuition
  3. Act on your intuition and your life will flow. If you don’t take action, you may find yourself stuck in the same old situation, feeling frustrated. Nothing happens without action, act on your intuition.
  4. Speak from your intuition as your intuition is what is right for you or your truth. Your intuition comes from your heart—a loving place. When you speak your truth, the quality of your life improves, as you are congruent in what you think, feel, and say.
  5. Be proactive and consciously go out and create the life you want, guided by your intuition. Your intuition is the guiding light!

Tip: Get in touch with your intuition by engaging in activities that evoke a calm mind; taking a walk in nature, going to the beach and drawing deep breaths.

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