Life on Loan

sentence the trouble is you think you have time in grey mysterious background
by Vance Larson

Dedicated to my beautiful daughter Mandi

I have been meaning to write this story, but today it seems most appropriate. You see, we learned that our daughter passed yesterday. Life on loan is something that I have been meditating on for quite sometime. Being a crisis counselor for 20 years, I tapped into this principle many years ago. Yesterday, I embraced it fully.

Anyone that has ever spent more than 5 minutes with me, would tell you that I am pretty much the most laid back person you will meet. It’s not because I hold some super power. It’s not because I have all the answers. It in fact, is quite the opposite. I am powerless, and have but one answer and the answer is life on loan. With the belief that life is on loan, I am totally free. Not exempt but free from allowing myself to get caught up in a “why me” attitude. Through meditation, I have learned not why is this happening, but what can I learn? Powerful.

Death is how we repay the debt

Time collects all things. More importantly, all people. That means your spouse, parents, friends, children and yes, even you (your very existence) will be taken from you at some point. You may believe in God, you may not. There may be an afterlife, there may not but all life as you know it will end. We are all on loan and death is how we repay the debt.

Today as you get out of bed, know that interest is being added to the debt. Instead of worrying about those bills, the job or that argument that you had with a loved one last night, be present in the moment and give your best to it. Yesterday reminded me that the note could be called at any minute and while yesterday was pretty much the worst day of my life, I slept peacefully knowing that there wasn’t a time that I saw my daughter where I didn’t tell her I loved her.

Drop the judgements. Release the anger. Lean to laugh. But most importantly, love your life because it’s on loan. And time collects everyone of us.


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