How to Grow with Your Partner

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by Blisspot Wellbeing

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It is possible to grow together in relationships when each of us takes responsibility for our feelings. No one else can MAKE US FEEL emotions, a feeling occurs inside of us. Blaming our partner for our feelings keeps us stuck in the same old behavioural patterns! When we take full responsibility for our feelings, it allows us to move through any behaviours where we do not feel good and with new awareness create behaviours that support us in creating a happy life!

Relationships can be wonderful in helping us to confront and work through emotions that don’t make us feel so good (that we would often prefer to avoid!) We may experience jealousy, anger or sadness, but the ongoing success of the relationship may require us to develop new skills transform these emotions. Otherwise, we could fall into the trap of expressing them is a way that is detrimental to our partner and the relationship. Emotional mastery is when we can observe and process uncomfortable feelings and then respond in a way that is appropriate to the situation.

Emotional mastery, allows us to feel more stable and therefore more consistently experience the joy of relationships. When our partner and we observe challenging emotions rather than act out on them, our relationship is more likely to flourish to its full potential of joy and happiness, allowing us to experience:

  • appreciation
  • passion
  • comfort
  • security
  • sharing
  • love
  • happiness
  • bliss
  • excitement
  • understanding
  • adventure
  • contentment

Drawing on my experience, I have discovered that it’s easier to move through fear when we have a strategy or practical steps to guide us through obstacles or challenges we may be facing. Knowledge is the key; when we are stressed or feel stuck, learning new ways can take us forward rather than just keeping us in the same old situation.

We do create our reality. We owe it to ourselves, and our loved ones, to hold ourselves in the best possible light. Our life will flourish when we develop the most beautiful supporting beliefs for ourselves that we can imagine. Over time, we can transform our inner world from fear to love. As a result, we will transform our outer world—as within, so without.

Beliefs such as: “Loving energy determines my actions” or “My partner and I grow closer and more loving everyday” will enhance and enrich your relationship.

Visualising how we want our lives to be with our partners can be very powerful. Regularly taking the time to set intentions by writing them down or imagining them while in a meditative state can focus our mind positively on the things we would like to create in our life.

Vision boards full of wonderful images and words can support this process. Imagery is very powerful in reprogramming our unconscious to create the life we want. The subconscious mind responds to visual imagery and emotions. Sometimes I do a vision board and set it as the background image on my computer desktop. Automatically see the images several times a day, feeding my subconscious with life-enhancing messages.

Observation of thoughts, emotions and behaviours allow us to live our life with awareness, in a conscious way. Awareness allows us to make choices around our behaviours rather than acting out emotional patterns that may have been passed down from generation to generation without question. Awareness is always the key. Observing our inner world and making choices, rather than allowing unconscious patterns of behaviour to drive us, gives us the freedom, to learn and grow with our partner in an authentic and fulfilling way.

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