How to Create a more Loving Relationship

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by Vance Larson

The strength of my marriage is that we both do it alone, and we do it together. In fact, the most successful relationships that I have seen professionally, enjoy this very principle.

Spirituality—for so many, there is a conflicting meaning to this word. While some see it as synonyms with religion, others, see that it has nothing to do with it. The truth is, it can mean whatever you want it too. If it makes sense to you, roll with it. So when I say “I got mine. She got hers. Sometimes we come together.” It means exactly just that. While we both have very similar beliefs systems, we each practice in our own unique way. However at the end of the day, we always come together.

While some shy away from religion, others shy away from spirituality. As I have studied religion a good part of my life, I get why many no longer want to have anything to do with it. I am not saying religion is bad, but I do see how some could arrive at that conclusion. As for spirituality, some may blur the lines with witchcraft (which I am actually a fan of), to new age-ish. Through my years of study, I have found that spirituality has but one true meaning (to me), and that is being connected to each other, and something greater than oneself.

When I first met my wife, she was just starting her journey back into faith. I, on the other hand, was firmly planted. What was cool about that time was, she slowly asked to introduce spiritual practices into our relationship. That was very exciting for me, as I don’t believe in pushing my beliefs on anyone. It started with us holding hands before dinner, and affirming out loud all that we where thankful for. Almost 2 decades later, we have done many spiritual practices. Everything from traditional Judeo-Christian, Pagan to Buddhist ceremonies. However, we both practice on our own as well. I personally, am immensely moved by the Islamic Call To Prayer. The point is, our connection to something other than ourselves, has made us closer than I ever thought possible.

Look for what is right, rather than being right when conflict arises.

When a couple seeks truth, you will find a diminished ego. And that bodes well for their relationship. Why? Because they tend to look for what is right, rather than being right when conflict arises. Not only will truth set you free, it will expand your ability to love. And who doesn’t want a more loving relationship? So when it comes to your relationship, go ahead and get yours, but don’t forget to come together. A relationship that is built on something bigger than itself, can most certainly withstand the strongest storms.

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