How to Confront and Overcome Challenges

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by Rosina S Khan

We all have faced challenges in life. But if you take every challenge as a life and death matter, you are going to die a lot of times. In fact, this is not healthy. You have to be strong and face them and come up with ideas of how to overcome them in the best way possible. Just focus on the possibilities and you will have a plethora of choices. For this to happen, you need to be flexible with a positive attitude and not let overwhelm and despair envelop you.

3 Ways to make things easier by overcoming your challenges are:

  • Journaling your thoughts: Always keep a journal and write out your thoughts: positive and negative. The same goes for your challenges. Write them down in your journal, all your feelings, emotions and reactions in relation to your challenge, including a description of the challenge—by doing this, you take the first giant step. You have released your negative feelings on paper; now tear them up and burn them and signifying that you have trashed them. Then go out for a walk in the warm sunshine or chilling evening (any one works) and further releasing any remnants out your problems, by taking in fresh and pure oxygen. When you process your feelings and give yourself space in relation to your challenge, a solution is likely to come to mind.
  • Changing your approach: Sometimes regarding your challenges, you bombard yourself with one idea after another, however, nothing seems to fall into place. All you need is to change your approach. Discussing it with someone close to you and whom you trust can help you greatly. This is because when you describe to the other person your problem in all its minute details and although s/he is only listening and may not come up with a solution, the process with allow you to feel more flexible and open than before. You might even find the solution has been staring at you, all along.
  • Finding the gift behind every adversity: No matter how bleak your situation seems, force yourself to smile at yourself and others. Then ask yourself: “What can be positive about this challenge? What am I learning? What gift actually lies behind this adversity?” When you have decided the answers, you are already half-way to a solution and this will feel good. The other half of the solution comes through when you contemplate a little more, stay focused and pay attention to your intuition. The answer to every problem is already within you. Eventually you come up with the exact solution you need.

These are three of my magical tips for dealing with challenges and overcoming them in the best possible ways. Apply one or two to your daily challenges, to work through and overcome them. Life wouldn’t be life without challenges; the more there are of them, the more they give us the opportunities to grow like fresh flowers in the rain.

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