How to Be Loving

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by Blisspot Wellbeing

Deep down inside we all want to feel, experience and express love. This is because it feels fantastic to be in your loving, natural state and when you feel disconnected from this state, your soul whispers to you to make the return journey home. Despite your best intentions, the challenges of life can result in you feeling depressed, anxious or stressed. These feelings will disconnect you from feeling the loving energy from within.

The good news is that despite external circumstances it is possible to heal and grow from challenging experiences to feel even more peaceful and loving.

A step-by-step guide to being loving:

  1. Change your perception. It is common to feel that confusion, pain, stress, anxiety, depression, struggling and needing more, are part of life. When you think that kindness, love and gentleness are our natural state, we will work gain the skills to work through an emotional challenge to allow us to rest in our natural loving state once more. Your perception of the world reflects how you experience the world. See with eyes of love and love is what will be reflected back to you.
  2. Interact with others lovingly by extending warmth and love from your inner core to feel the joy of connection.

    Interact People

  3. Focus on the aspects of your loving self by creating a vision board. On the vision board create a grid of the eight Cs by placing picture or symbol representing the qualities of your loving self in the following areas:
    • Clan: Your nearest and dearest loved ones who fill your heart with joy.
    • Community: Who is that gives you a sense of community, that your form connections with outside your home?
    • Compassion: What represents your kindness and compassion towards others without expectation?
    • Creativity: Anything that inspires you or represents your creativity.
    • Communion: How is spirituality represented to you, your connection to something greater than yourself?
    • Connection: Is it your loving heart, kind deeds, your non-judgemental nature that brings out the best in you and connects you to others?
    • Caring: Choose a picture or symbol of yourself as a child between the ages of 0-7. This is to represent your inner child who you are to nurture and cherish with you loving self.
    • Call to nature: Choose your favourite spot in nature as immersing yourself in nature is one of the most powerful ways to reconnect yourself to your natural loving state.Connection with Partner
  4. Your natural state is love; you are love, it just gets hidden under defences sometimes. Remind yourself; you are not your story, your true self is love.
  5. Set healthy boundaries. Always be loving towards yourself—let others know if they are not treating you well, as this is not loving. Have the courage and conviction to speak your truth, when involved in situations that do not feel right.
  6. Having faith in others and their inbuilt problem-solving capabilities is a loving act and paves the way for respectful relationships.

 Be the person you want to be around. If you are feeling unloved and disconnected from others, practice kind and loving deeds.

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