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by Blisspot Wellbeing

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When we are stressed or “in our head’, we miss out on the beauty of life that is all around us all the time. When we are stressed anxious or worried, we lose contact with the sensations in our body that connect us to and allow us to feel how good life is. When we are sometimes FORCED to get out of our head and into our body or our “heart space” we feel the beauty of life. For example, when we dive into the ocean, or when we are immersed in the beauty of nature when we are watching some fantastic sporting event that takes our breath away. At these moments we are not in our head worried or anxious, but truly in our heart space where we feel connected and at one with the inherent beauty of life. How do we get a sense of this every day, how do we create Bliss Every Day?

We can consciously begin to create bliss, peace, and happiness in our internal world. We can observe how we are thinking and feeling. If we are feeling tense in our body, we can ask ourselves what we are thinking. Our thought and feelings are one and the same—if we are not feeling so good chances are our thoughts will be fuelling our feelings. This awareness allows as to make changes to our thoughts so that they support us, and we begin to feel better. When we ask ourselves: Are these thoughts helpful to me or harming me, we can then make a choice around them and choose what we would prefer. Ask yourself is being stressed right now helping to make a positive difference to my situation anyway?

Peaceful Mind

If we feel too overwhelmed by our thoughts and feelings, it is the perfect time to get some support for ourselves. We may need to go for a walk in nature, play some sport, meditate, garden or whatever it is for us that allows us to clear our mind and tune into our internal wisdom to know what is right for us.

When we have gone beyond the stress that our mind can create by surrendering our thoughts and resulting emotions, we can create a life that is truly delicious. When we have created mental freedom, we can tune into joy and happiness. By going beyond the illusions that our thoughts can create, we are free to return to our natural loving state. We appreciate that:

  • Our head on the pillow is so soft and supportive as we sink into it.
  • Holding a newborn baby is delicious as we cradle a miracle.
  • Sharing a smile or a kiss with a loved one is delicious if we truly let go and let ourselves become immersed in the moment.

How can you take the steps in your life to go beyond the stress in daily life? How can you create the life that you want?

To discover more about feeling within see: Peace Within Meditation

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